ESOMAR Council

ESOMAR is governed by a member-elected Council which serve a two year term.


Currently presided over by Laurent Flores (France), the council is made up of 11 members from across the globe who are responsible for the organisation achieving its overall vision, mission and objectives.

The ESOMAR Council for 2015/2016 consists of the following members:


Laurent Flores

Laurent Flores

Vice President

David Smith is a Director of DVL Smith and a Professor at the University of Hertfordshire Business School. He is a former Chairman and Fellow of the Market Research Society, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and also a Fellow of the Institute of Business Consultants. He is the author of two books on marketing intelligence and has written over 60 papers on different aspects of evidence-based decision making. He is a Silver Medal holder of the Market Research Society and holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of London. He is the recipient of the John Downham Award for Excellence in Marketing Intelligence and has also won numerous Best Paper awards from both ESOMAR and the MRS. He has been closely involved with ESOMAR initiatives to help develop marketing intelligence talent and is experienced in designing different skills and development programmes on different aspects of market intelligence and marketing.

Council Members

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt

Anne-Sophie Damelincourt
Managing Partner, Founder & Owner
Blue Lemon Qualitative Research & Consulting

BV Pradeep

BV Pradeep
Global VP Consumer & Market Insights, Market clusters


David Bakken
Managing Director
Foreseeable Futures Group LLC

Joaquim Bretcha

Joaquim Bretcha
Europe & Asia Director
Netquest Soluciones

Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck
President & CMO

Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert is Professor of Marketing at the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School and Managing Partner and Director of ForwaR&D Lab at InSites Consulting, a full service online market research company. He has been an ESOMAR member since 2006 and recently served as the ESOMAR Belgian Representative for two years.

Niels holds a Masters in Marketing and Ph.D. in Applied Economics and serves as an ISBM Research fellow at Penn State University. He was awarded for his research several times and has been published at Esomar as well as in leading scientific journals such as The Journal of Marketing, The International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Services Research, Industrial Marketing Management, The Journal of Business Research, The Journal of the Market Research Society and Information & Management.

Pervin Olgun

Pervin Olgun
Founder and President
Barem Research

Pieter Paul Verheggen

Pieter Paul Verheggen
CEO and Managing Director
Motivaction International


Dan Foreman has been in the research business for 20 years, building businesses across Europe, Asia Pacific and The Americas. He specialises in emerging technologies and developing markets, having helped organisations grow from start-up to sale. Outside research, Dan is a Non-Executive Director of a publishing business and a precision engineering company. He lives in London with his wife and two children.

Past presidents

1948 - 1950 Pierpaolo Luzatto Fegiz Italy
1950 - 1952 Ditlev Reventlow Denmark
1952 - 1954 Henry Durant UK
1954 - 1956 Pierre Devrient Switzerland
1956 - 1958 Leif Holbæk-Hanssen Norway
1958 - 1960 Graeme Cranch UK
1960 - 1962 Jan van Rees Netherlands
1962 - 1964 Yves Fournis France
1964 - 1966 Michael G. Lyster UK
1966 - 1968 Peter Schmitt Germany
1968 - 1970 Paul H. Berent UK
1970 - 1972 Jean Bigant France
1972 - 1974 Erik Kristoffersen Denmark
1974 - 1976 Gabriele Morello Italy
1976 - 1978 Coen C.J. de Koning Netherlands
1978 - 1980 Harald Ruppe Germany
1980 - 1982 Jean Quatresooz Belgium
1982 - 1984 Ivor Shalofsky Switzerland
1984 - 1986 Peter van Westendorp Netherlands
1986 - 1988 Bryan Bates UK
1988 - 1990 Jean-Louis Laborie France
1990 - 1992 Emile van Westerhoven Netherlands
1992 - 1994 Mary Goodyear UK
1994 - 1996 Helmut Jung Germany
1996 - 1998 Mario van Hamersveld Netherlands
1998 - 2000 Daniel Leconte France
2000 - 2002 John Kelly UK
2002 - 2004 Fredrik Nauckhoff Switzerland
2004 - 2006 José Wert Ortega Spain
2006 - 2008 Frits Spangenberg Netherlands
2008 - 2010 Gunilla Broadbent USA
2010 - 2012 Dieter Korczak Germany
2012 - 2014 Dan Foreman UK