Global & regional events

ESOMAR runs a number of thematic and regional conferences throughout the year. ESOMAR conferences gathers international experts to share innovative and thought provoking content in specific areas of research at a global and regional level.


Latin America 2015

Carnival of Insights: Celebrating Research

São Paulo / 26-28 April
Latin America has become a business hub where creativity and innovation collides! ESOMAR returns to Brazil a year after the...

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Asia Pacific 2015

Asia Means Business
So What's New?

Singapore / 17-19 May
For the 16th edition of our annual marketing and research Asia Pacific event the focus is on the business value of...

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Summer Academy 2015

Learning and Skills Summer Programme

Amsterdam / 1-4 June
Learning from those who “do” is the best way to truly understand the practical side of research. Reserve these dates for our week of training in Amsterdam!

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Congress 2015


Dublin / 27-30 September
We’re looking for any ‘Eureka!’ moment that has made you, your organisation or another human being think or respond in a new way.

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