Global & regional events

ESOMAR runs a number of thematic and regional conferences throughout the year. ESOMAR conferences gathers international experts to share innovative and thought provoking content in specific areas of research at a global and regional level.


Asia Pacific 2014

Celebrating Asian Creativity

Jakarta / 11-13 May
Asia's rapid growth and unparalleled economic successes have drawn the world’s attention to the tremendous value that can be...

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Summer Academy 2014

Learning and Skills Summer Programme

Amsterdam / 3-6 June
Learning from those who “do” is the best way to truly understand the practical side of research.

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Digital Dimensions 2014

(Online + Big Data + Social Media + Mobile) Research

Stockholm / 15-17 June
BIG data conveys big challenges and big opportunities for digital researchers!

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Congress 2014

What Inspires?

Nice / 7-10 September
For our 2014 Congress, we dare you to surprise us with a speaking proposal that expertly addresses the theme of “WHAT INSPIRES?”

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B2B Forum 2014

Leading-Edge Research for B2B Marketing Excellence

Atlanta / 14 October
ESOMAR is pleased to announce the launch of its first B2B Research Forum, being held in Atlanta, Georgia...

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Global Qualitative 2014

Research Renaissance

Venice / 16-18 November
Today’s consumers are painting their vision of the future, with a mixed palette of technology, convenience and a desire for...

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