Government Affairs

Protecting and promoting market, social and opinion research is a key objective of ESOMAR. By working with research associations worldwide, ESOMAR serves as a global industry voice and actively advocates to national and international legislators for the continued use of market, social and opinion research as an effective management decision-making tool in both the public and private sectors.

ESOMAR provides updates on the latest legislative actions that may impact market, social and opinion research. We help our members and the industry to understand and anticipate key legal issues that may affect the way research is conducted on a national or international level.  This is vital for ESOMAR members as the first key fundamental of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code requires all members to be compliant with all relevant national and international laws.

ESOMAR monitors, assesses and influences European Union and other international legislation that may impact market, social and opinion research through:

  • development of position papers in consultation with our expert committees, associations and key stakeholders,
  • responses on behalf of researchers to  legislative proposals,
  • meetings with key policy and decision makers and press where appropriate.

ESOMAR raises awareness about key legislative developments and provides regular updates and policy briefings to members and national associations.

Associations and ESOMAR committee members can also access dedicated Government Affairs resources in our Document Library.


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