To assist all those working in the market research and opinion industry ESOMAR maintains a comprehensive glossary of market research and marketing terms.

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Baby Boomers
Back Checking
Back Translation
Balanced Scale
Banner Format
Banner Point
Bar Chart
Base Line (aka Bench Mark or Pre-Wave)
Baysian Analysis
Bench Mark
Benefit Segmentation
Best Light Phenomenon
Biased Question
Biased Sample
Bimodal Distribution
Binomial Test
Bipolar Adjectives
Bipolar Scale
Bivariate Analysis
Bivariate Correlation
Bivariate Regression
Blind Testing
Blocking Factor
Brainstorming Sessions
Branching Question
Brand Awareness
Brand Equity
Brand Essence
The set of core values that define a brand. These values remain constant over time even though the executional characteristics of packaging, advertising (and other marketing variables) may change. By defining the brand essence with clarity, a brand owner creates a template against which all marketing and NPD activity can be developed and integrated.

Brand Image
Brand Loyalty
Brand Personality
Brand Positioning
Brand Proposition
Brand Share
Brief (aka Briefing)
Bubble Test
Business-to-Business Interviews
Buying Rate (aka Volume per Buyer)
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