To assist all those working in the market research and opinion industry ESOMAR maintains a comprehensive glossary of market research and marketing terms.

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Edit Instructions
Editing (aka Data Cleaning)
Editing involves examining each completed questionnaire to ensure that the proper sequence of questions has been asked, the answers are clear and consistent and they have been correctly marked.

Effect Variable
Eligibility Criteria
Eligible Respondent
Empty Nesters
Enabling Techniques
End Piling
Evoked Set
Executive Interviews (aka Business-to-Business Interviews)
Executive Summary
Exhibits/Exhibit Cards
Expected Value
Experience Survey
Experimental Design
Experimental Error
Experimental Treatments
Experimental Units
Expert Opinion Survey (aka Key Informant Technique or Specialist Research)
Exploratory Research
Exponential Smoothing
Extended Group Discussion
Extended Use Test
External Secondary Data
External Validity
External Variables (aka Extraneous Variables or Confounding Variables)
Extraneous Variables
Eye Tracking Research
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