To assist all those working in the market research and opinion industry ESOMAR maintains a comprehensive glossary of market research and marketing terms.

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F Test
Factor Analysis
Factor Loading
Factorial Design
Factory Staff
Field Director
Field Experiment
Field Force
Field Service
Field Supervisor (aka Field Director)
Filter Question
Fixed Field Code
A code in which the number of records for each respondent is the same and the same data appear in all the same columns for all respondents.

Fixed Sample
Focus Group (aka Focus Group Interview or Group Discussion)
Folder Test
Forced Exposure
Forced Rating Scale
Frequency (aka Average Opportunities to See)
Frequency Distribution
Friendliness Effect
Friendship Pair Interview (aka Paired Depth or Triad)
Front-of-Mind Awareness (aka Top-of-Mind Awareness)
Full Service Agency/Supplier
Funnel Approach
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