To assist all those working in the market research and opinion industry ESOMAR maintains a comprehensive glossary of market research and marketing terms.

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ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research
Ideal Population
Identification information
Implicit Alternatives
Implicit Assumption
Implied Population
Imputed Response
In-depth Interview (aka One-on-One or Diad)
In-Home Interview
In-House Research
In-Street Interview
Inability Error
Incentive (aka Co-operation Fee or Respondent Fee)
Incidence (aka Strike Rate)
Independent Samples
Independent Variable (aka Causal Variable)
Indirect Approach
Indirect Observation (aka Trace Analysis)
Indirect Question
Inductive Research
Industrial Survey
Inferential Analysis
Informed Consent
Initial Refusal
Instrument Error
Intended Sample
Interaction Effect
Interactive Testing Effect
Intercept Interview (aka Mall Intercept Interview)
Interdependence Techniques
Interlocking Quotas
Internal Secondary Data
Internal Validity
Interquartile Range
Interval Scale
Interviewer Bias
Interviewer Cheating
Interviewer Error (aka Interviewer Bias)
Intra-Cultural Analysis
Inverted Funnel Approach
Itemised Rating Scale
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