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Welcome to ESOMAR’s international community of market research professionals, a prestigious community for professionals like you.

ESOMAR is the world association for market, social, and opinion research. Our community has over 4900 individual and 200 corporate members representing 4500 employees within 130 countries with the benefit of over 65 years experience of service and commitment to the market research community. We are a unique and prestigious global family, and can’t wait to have you be a part of it!

Improve your skills

Giving you access to the tools that ensure you remain competitive in a fast-changing global environment, our workshops, conferences, free white paper archive, webinars and exciting summer academy turns your membership into an all-access pass for professional development. Become a member and invest in your future. Network with your peers and leading experts.

Networking with your peers and leading experts

Our community is made up of extraordinary people who also happen to be experienced and renowned market researchers. They know what’s hot, and are at the leading edge of our industry. Membership gives you access to this global network of peers who face the same challenges you face and overcome them with great ideas, new approaches and methods that you can apply to your own activities. Become a member and be inspired while inspiring in return.

Have a voice with regulators and meet new legal requirements

We work to ensure our industry benefits from a global legal framework that supports our members, by showing regulators that what you do is valuable and should not be overregulated. We meet with them and talk to them about the value of your work for their economies and societies. Becoming a member means no longer fearing what regulators will come up with next while having access to the services that ensures your voice is heard.

Maintain a reputation for professional integrity and credibility

Our community is underpinned by a globally recognised code of conduct and up-to-date guidance on how to apply the acknowledged professional code in the trickiest of circumstances. More than 60 national and international associations support our community’s code meaning ESOMAR’s Membership Mark is a visible endorsement of high standards of professional integrity. It is a globally recognized mark of excellence within and beyond the industry. Becoming a member also means being recognised and valued for your work ethics and your expertise.

Don’t wait any longer; join the ESOMAR community by becoming one of its valued members, and reap all the rewards.

ESOMAR members span the globe and are active in a wide range of industries and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including research, marketing, advertising and media.

Users of Market, social and Opinion Research

  • Client-side market researchers and buyers
  • Strategic marketers and communication specialists
  • Board-level directors
  • Business managers and consultants
  • Consultants in strategic brand development, innovation, and new product development and design
  • Advertising and Media planners and strategists
    Business and competitive intelligence experts
  • Media specialists
  • Data-mining specialists
  • Legislators and politicians

Providers of Market, social and Opinion Research

  • Agency-side researchers from global top 25 to specialised niche players
  • Qualitative researchers
  • Quantitative researchers
  • Research Consultants Consumer insights specialists

IT & Software Providers

  • Research industry software and technology specialists
  • CRM specialists

Market & Opinion & Research Associations

  • Local, national, regional and international associations


  • Faculty heads
  • Lecturers
  • Graduate students
  • Undergraduate students


  • Press specialised in business, marketing and social affairs

Recruiting Consultants

  • Consultants specialised in market research

ESOMAR will challenge your thinking, broaden your outlook and enhance your career.

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ESOMAR Membership

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ESOMAR is a lighthouse for everyone working in market research. Their conferences and Congress offer inspiration for our work and give us the opportunity to be updated on all breakthrough innovations and insights. This, in addition to giving the possibility to connect with new potential clients and colleagues from all over the world.

Giulia Fabrizi, Founder & Owner, almar quality research, Italy


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