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ESOMAR Membership provides you with networking opportunities with experts and peers from a range of sectors and industries. Success can hinge on knowing the right people at the right time. Through our network of more than 4900 members, global and regional events, local and client-only meetings, ESOMAR membership connects you to fresh ideas, new learnings and a chance to challenge conventional thinking and practice.

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Mr. Giovanni Rizzi
Research director
Lexis Ricerche Srl

HQ Key Member

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Being a member of ESOMAR means a lot to me and to my business, as it reassures my clients, prospects and partners that they are working with a qualified market research professional whose aim is to implement best practices that support effective decision-making. The ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR Professional Standards not only support this, but are essential for researchers to keep abreast of new modes of research and the regulations that go with them. Membership gives me additional assurances when I am looking to work with new partners worldwide through the online ESOMAR Directory of Research. Additionally, ESOMAR’s Research World magazine and other ESOMAR publications also provide me with a wealth of resources to keep my knowledge up-to-date and to learn from peers’ experiences.
Finally, the ESOMAR staff are always helpful and responsive whether you meet them at trade shows, talk by phone and/or email them. I’m happy to be a member of this association.

Raymond Piombino, Principal Consultant in Market Research and Owner, Bordeaux Consultants International, France


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