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News article / 09 February 2015

Law making in Europe, a beginners’ guide

Lots of the work of our Governmental Affairs team takes place in Brussels. In this so-called capital... read more

News article / 28 January 2015

Happy Privacy Day!

A look back on a year of raising awareness about privacy and data protection. 28 January 2015 marks... read more

News article / 14 January 2015

A right to be forgotten? A matter only for European market researchers?

Limiting the freedom of speech? Removal of your most embarrassing moments? Or is it censorship? Are ... read more

News article / 12 January 2015

Time to look back and forward

A lot has happened in 2014 and 2015 is set to be just as busy. Let’s summarise what were last ... read more

News article / 13 December 2014

TTIP: What is it and why should I care?

TTIP, another 4-letter abbreviation you may or may have not heard before. Even if you have heard of ... read more

News article / 12 November 2014

What does the new European Commission mean for privacy?

As part of his European electoral campaign, Jean-Claude Juncker (former prime-minister of Luxembourg... read more

News article / 04 November 2014

Event Report: Research in the 21st Century

On the 22nd October, ESOMAR, EFAMRO, ADM, and BVM joined together in hosting a workshop session as p... read more

News article / 11 August 2014

CNIL’s Cookie Sweep signals added pressure to comply with Europe’s Cookie Law

Members of the market research community beware and mark 15 September in your agenda. That day is na... read more

News article / 03 July 2014

How the European Elections will change Europe’s tone on data protection

Those monitoring the developments in the EMEA market will no doubt be aware that the European Union ... read more

News article / 22 May 2014

US court rules: Physical location of your data doesn’t matter

According to a recent court ruling, American companies should disclose data to American authorities ... read more

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