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28 January 2015

Happy Privacy Day!

A look back on a year of raising awareness about privacy and data protection. 28 January 2015 marks... read more

14 January 2015

A right to be forgotten? A matter only for European market researchers?

Limiting the freedom of speech? Removal of your most embarrassing moments? Or is it censorship? Are ... read more

12 January 2015

Time to look back and forward

A lot has happened in 2014 and 2015 is set to be just as busy. Let’s summarise what were last ... read more

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27 January 2015

John Presutti's invite to ESOMAR MENAP Forum 2015
Join us in Dubai, on 3-4 March 2015, for the ESOMAR MENAP Forum 2015!Check

19 December 2014

Seasons Greetings from ESOMAR
Dan Foreman and Finn Raben

03 December 2014

Join us for Latin America 2015 (Adriana Rocha)
Join us in São Paulo, on 28-28 April 2015, for the ESOMAR Latin America 2015 conference! Check

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08 March 2011

Simon Chadwick talks with Anthony Pannozzo, Managing Principle of Research Communities at Continuum.

Emerging Markets: Innovating for Success According to a World Bank estimate, over 90% of the world's middle class will be in emerging markets by 2030. Simon Chadwick talks with Anthony Pannozzo, Managing Principle of Research Communities at Continuum about what this means for researchers and their clients.

03 January 2011

Simon Chadwick talks to Stan Sthanunathan, VP Strategy and Global Insights Coca-Cola.

Pay-for-Peformance 2.0  He runs insights for one of the world's biggest research spenders, Coca-Cola. Now he's using that muscle to change the terms of business by pioneering a variation on the pay-for-performance model. Simon Chadwick decided to chat to Stan Sthanunathan, VP Strategy and Global Insights, to find out more.

01 December 2010

Simon Chadwick talks to Dan Hill author of Emotionomics about the rational versus the emotional

Research World Magazine - November/December 2010
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