Global Market Research 2012

Date of publication: 10.09.2012
ISBN: 92-831-0243-6
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Number of pages: 123
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Global Market Research 2012 is the 24th annual industry study undertaken by ESOMAR in cooperation with KPMG advisory. It continues to provide an authoritative review of the market research industry and explores how the market research landscape continues to evolve.

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The report includes:

  • Global & regional highlights and five-year trend data
  • Breakdowns of sources of turnover, spend by research method and design
  • Expert insights into the changing needs of research clients and agencies
  • An analysis of the challenges and opportunities facing opinion polls
  • The voice of selected outstanding new entrants to research, on their experiences and expectations
  • An overview of the top 25 companies and key financials for the top 10
  • An industry journal of M&A activity and key news from the last 18 months.
  • And more


Reasons to buy/read the report: 

  • Benchmark performance and determine market share to better inform business decisions;
  • Add gravitas to marketing materials and presentations;
  • Spot future trends, opportunities and developments;
  • Save time and money carrying out entry-level research.


Important Note

Israeli Union of Research Institutes restates 2011 market growth rate

The Israeli Union of Research Institutes has provided ESOMAR with new information regarding the performance of the Israeli Market Research industry in 2011, reflecting an absolute decline of 2%.

This feedback – which was received by ESOMAR only after the publication of the 2012 Global Market Research (GMR) report in September – suggests the Israeli Market Research sector is more likely to have an estimated value of USD 55 million in 2011.

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The Israeli Union of Research Institutes now provides the following contextual information, explaining the weakened performance of the Israeli Market Research sector in 2011:

  • ‘‘Massive public protests in 2011 in Israel, which paralysed marketing activities for most major companies in the Israeli retail market, led to budget cutting in: advertisement, market research and even product development. Most Israeli market research agencies (union members) have reported a negative effect on respective research funds.’’
  • ‘‘The aforementioned protests have led to changes in the Israeli consumer's shopping habits. The prices of products and services have become much more significant factors in customer acquisition decision making, so that today most of the companies' strategies are tactical, i.e. adapting prices in order to match consumer expectation. In a situation such as this, assigning funds to market research decreases, as well as the need to examine strategic decisions due to research.
  • ‘‘In addition, Israeli regulators have become more involved in some Israeli consumption affairs. For example in the telecommunication sector, the government has increased the allowed quota for active players in the market, resulting in a dramatic reduction in telecommunication prices. This reduction, positive as it may be for the consumer, has taken its toll on the research market. The veteran telecom companies, which used to lead this market, have suffered heavy losses, thus cutting back on marketing and research activities.

ESOMAR recommends taking into account the above statement when using data pertaining to the Israeli market research sector. For more information on Global Market Research 2012, please contact Eelco Snip via


1.1 The top line 6
1.2 Regional profiles 7
1.3 Five largest markets 12
1.4 International subcontracting, projects and clients 13
1.5 Market consolidation 14
1.6 Sources of research turnover 15
1.7 Spend by research method 16
1.8 Outlook for the Market Research industry in 2012 18
2.1 Research, but not as we knew it 22
2.2 A bigger industry, and one of many flavours 23
2.3 The shape of things to come 26
2.4 Conclusions 32
3.1 Life beyond the BRICs 36
3.2 The new world order 37
3.3 Mining for gold 44
3.4 The youth of today 48
4.1 Jostling for poll position 54
4.2 Voice of the people 55
8.1 Methodology 88
8.2 Turnover growth and per capita data 89
8.3 Sources of research turnover 100
8.4 Spend by research method and design 106
8.5 Five year trend 114
8.6 GDP growth rates 2007-2011 116
8.7 Average exchange rates against the US Dollar 2007-2011 118
8.8 Inflation rates 2007-2010 120

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