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ESOMAR's Research Papers are conference presentations from world's leading marketing, advertising and market research professionals.
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Leadership Imperative

Latin America is economically thriving, however the region misses a conceptual framework to organise business in the new economy. With a consumer confidence crisis eroding institutions and, and the...


The Beauty and the Beast

As open as qualitative research is, it is hard to take a really good look with an open mind, without any presumptions. On top of that, for clients it is difficult to see their own hidden views, the...

September 2013

From Research Management to Knowledge Management to Learning Planning

This is a joint presentation/discussion between Heineken and Market Logic Software, who provides Heineken’s CMI Knowledge Management System. The asset value of a company’s research is...

September 2013

Organizational Research Reinvigoration

As a top five Internet company, AOL has historically struggled with the role of research, analytics and insights. In the past two years, however, the company re- oriented itself around the voice of...

September 2013

A Q New World

Qualitative. Quantitative. Two ‘Q’ words that have traditionally defined market research. As the marketing world evolves, a new industry vocabulary has emerged. Behavioural Economics,...

September 2013

Less Facts, More Fiction: Expanding Research's Mind

For years, the value of research has come under scrutiny because we have tended to place significant value on the mechanics of what we do, as if somehow, by seeking to justify and explain...

September 2013

Unlocking Success with Digital Shoppers

Nielsen’s survey of 30,000 U.S. consumers uncovered the key ways in which increased use of digital technology is impacting the way consumers move along the traditional path to purchase. This...

September 2013

Feel Nothing, Do Nothing

We know now more than ever about what people do online, but very little about why, and how it makes them feel. MasterCard approached BrainJuicer to help them better understand on-line purchasing and...

September 2013

Big Changes Will Deliver a Big Future

The customer insight industry is at a crossroads and to continue to flourish we need to know precisely what our marketing customers expect of us. This paper will be based on an authorative survey of...

September 2013

Speaking the Language of Research

As globalisation continues and borders become blurred, clients and researchers alike are increasingly conducting cross-cultural studies to understand the similarities and differences that exist...

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