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Problem solver who is passionate about bringing fresh insights to business problems.

Having started out as a researcher in a chemistry lab in UK, I have spent the past 10 years running the research and insights team covering the B2B clients of Standard Chartered, a major international bank. Along the way I have worked as a consultant, a product manager, a business strategist and a business communicator. The common thread running through my professional roles has been the drive to solve problems, to use data and insights to recommend the changes that will deliver business improvements.

My market research experience has been gained client-side. I continue to love to run projects. My “buzz” is to work with the business teams to identify the changes that will improve business performance. Focusing on high value client groups, my experience spans both qualitative and quantitative studies, and my remit is global. In recent years we have increasingly operated as an in-house market research agency, both in response to data confidentiality sensitivity as well as a means to manage cost and improve ROI.

I have been a member of the Market Research Society of Singapore for many years, and have served as programme chair for the ESOMAR Asia conference.

Originally from the UK, I’ve been living and working in Asia for the past 25 years, first in Hong Kong and then in Singapore. It may not be a coincidence that every country I have lived in is an island, I have paddled my way around the world, having started as a rower, then dragon-boater, latterly outrigger canoes, although currently I am a rather reluctant runner.

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Ms. Susan Burrell

Head Of Research & Client Insight

Standard Chartered Bank, Wholesale Bank Client Research and Service Excellence

8 Marina Bay Financial Centre (tower 1)
8 Marina Boulevard, Level 23
018981 Singapore

656 596 9335