Corporate YES Award

Are you 35 years or younger and working for an ESOMAR Corporate member? Do you want to showcase your talent? Then why not submit your best and brightest ideas for the chance to win the Corporate YES Award?!

The Young ESOMAR Society (YES) is excited to invite young professionals to share their genius and show off their skills at our annual Congress in Amsterdam.


  • Theme of the pitches is #visionary, daring you to look at our industry and the world in a different way, look beyond the possible and dream of a brave new future.

What you need to know

  • Every participant must be 35 or younger and a YES Corporate member... If you are not yet a YES Corporate member, we can help you with that. Find more information here or contact us at yes@esomar.org.
  • Only one submission per company can be entered; however, there can be one OR multiple author(s) per submission.
  • The first step of the application process is submitting an outline through the form below. A few weeks later, ESOMAR will contact you with the results.
  • If your outline is selected (CONGRATS!), you will be asked to submit a written document/article which will be shared with Congress delegates and also featured in our Publications store. The most exciting part, of course, will be presenting your work on stage!
  • The outline and article must be based on an original research study, either dedicated to this award or a project you have been/are working on, which has not been submitted to ESOMAR before.
  • All outlines must give a clear and detailed picture of the proposed content so that the jury can judge the quality of the proposed contribution.
  • Please indicate if there is any risk that research will not yield the results foreseen or will not be completed in time for the written documentation.
  • Avoid including any sales pitches.
  • Outlines must be written in English.
  • All submissions must be submitted by using the online form below.
  • All submissions must be received before or by the deadline stipulated on the ESOMAR (YES) website. The deadline to submit an outline is the 20th of March. ESOMAR will confirm receipt of all submitted outlines by e-mail.

Note: Content and outlines that sell a product or service will not be accepted.

Selection policy

  • The desk data used should be freely available online or collected digitally.
  • The research and insights should be innovative/visionary.
  • Ideally, the study should be multi-country focused… but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Ideally, the study should relate to a current/new trend within the industry.

Registration fee policy for speakers

For each accepted submission, YES will happily waive one registration fee. Further registrations will need to be covered by whoever is wanting to attend and/or their company.


As a service to speakers, delegates and ESOMAR members, and as a future reference work, ESOMAR will publish the written document/article from this event. ESOMAR may decide to publish the content and document/article for this event in any other form or make them available to the public by means of any other technique. In order to safeguard the participants from unauthorised copying of their documents/articles, ESOMAR retains the copyright on each document/article presented at its event and exercises a control on any request for reproduction of the text in other publications.

Permission to publish one or more document/article from the event may be given provided that mention is duly made of the source. This is exclusively to protect the participant’s rights and to make our publication as valuable as possible. Should you, following the event, wish to have your document/article published elsewhere, please make contact with us accordingly.

In order to ensure publication, we kindly request you to tick the box on copyright conditions in the submission form.


  • Deadline for submissions:
    20 March, 2017
  • Finalists selected:
    31 March, 2017
  • Feedback to participants/finalists confirmation:
    3-7 April, 2017
  • Programme preview online:
    11 April, 2017
  • Finalists deadline to submit written document:
    19 June, 2017
  • Selected finalists present at ESOMAR Congress 2017, in Amsterdam:
    10-13 September, 2017


If you have questions or comments regarding the ESOMAR Corporate YES Award, please contact Eline Meijer van Putten:
E-mail: yes@esomar.org
Phone: +31 20 589 7821