Future talent meets the industry

The FTMI initiative allows students from around the world the chance to participate in one of ESOMAR’s global events. Students recommended by their professors have the opportunity to attend conference sessions, network with the industry’s leading minds and assist ESOMAR in the staging of the event.

For professors

Professors are given the opportunity to recommend students to participate at our events, with the purpose of meeting the industry, experiencing the practical world of market research and the real world issues that are being faced by companies. Professors are also encouraged to attend the ESOMAR events and hear the latest thinking in market research, participate in the debates and discussions and meet the industry leaders in a personal and stimulating environment.

Academics can register at a flat rate of € 720 (members and non-members). To be eligible for the special rate, full time academics must fall within the following definition:

A full time academic is a person who works as a researcher (and usually teacher) at a university, college, or similar institution in post-secondary (tertiary) education.

More information on the recommendation process and nomination form can be found on our Recommend a Student page.

For students

We want to show that the business dynamics require a market research profile which is not only rigorous and based on knowledge of methodologies and statistics but also needs skills that prepare new comers in this industry to handle the complexities of everyday business. ESOMAR Events are also a great opportunity to learn and to allow students to get in touch with industry experts and their companies worldwide.

If you’re interested in attending an ESOMAR event as part of the FTMI initiative discuss with your professor and ask them to get in touch with us at danika@esomar.org and alfonso@esomar.org or use our nomination form.

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