Name: Amy Alexandra Faria
University: University of Guelph, Canada
Title of course/programme: Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing Management Co-op program
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How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

The Market Research industry is turning towards becoming a strategic asset for businesses, providing added value and insights for future opportunities.
Web 2.0 has also been an increasingly large phenomenon in all industries and has created a dynamic global environment. Utilizing these tools has enabled us to become unified and share ideas in order to keep up with this ever changing culture, and will allow us to grow as an industry.

What are in your opinion the necessary skills for market researchers in the present environment?

With the rapidly changing environment, it is important for market researchers to be Open Learners; to have the ability to listen to new ideas, and implement those ideas. Being a Team Player is also critical in moving forward in any industry; accepting others’ opinions, utilize the knowledge filters around you and knowing when to ask questions you don’t have the answers to.

How do you see your career unfolding and what are your aspirations?

My Co-op experiences have enabled me to explore different environments and have inspired me to continue to work within market research and pursue a Masters of Science and Consumer Behaviour from Guelph University. Market Research has shown to be the strategic backbone to all business decisions and it would be great to have the opportunity to be a part of that.


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