Automotive 2008

Name: Jonas Knüsel
Nationality: Swiss
Year of birth: 1984
University: Université de Lausanne (HEC)
Title of course/programme: Master of Science in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship

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1. How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

I see the market research industry evolving towards higher concentrations and cooperations due to the needs of the clients. The clients are often big international companies which cover a wide geographical area and therefore need information from all areas they operate which can only be achieved by a big market research company or a network of research companies. Furthermore, the tools used by market research institutes will shift to more technical devices especially internet based applications. By using these new kind of technologies costs can be saved and it is easier to reach a wide range of people. Another very important change in the market is coming from the changing characteristics of the customers which buy products from the clients of a market researcher. This means for example that in Western countries the people work more and more hours what reduces their willingness to participate in a long survey. Therefore new time appropriate applications have to be found in the market research industry.

My contribution: Good knowledge in quantitative analysis technics, able to adopt to the changing environment, open for new ways approaching a problem in order to solve a problem thoroughly.

2. What are in your opinion the necessary skills for market researchers in the present environment?

The necessary skills of a market researcher in my opinion are: Flexibility, Good quantitative skills, Creativeness in order to find new solutions to a problem, Ability to adopt to changing situations, Rationality which means that a market researcher must be able to draw the correct conclusions without being influenced by the personal background or/and knowledge because this can lead to wrong conclusions (Unbiasedness), ability to foresee new trends and to properly adjust the research technics to them.

3. How do you see your career unfolding and what are your aspirations?

My career unfolding: Finishing my Master in Technology Management and Entrepreneurship here in Lausanne, start my professional life in a consulting or technology company (such as a car manufacturer, ABB), Work in an international environment with interesting clients.

My aspirations: My dream would it be to create an own enterprise one day, at least having a job with the competences to contribute in the process of developing the strategy of a company.


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