Kamila Lipska Name: Kamila Lipska
Nationality: Polish
University: Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland
Title of course/programme: Marketing course duration: 5 years, Final study year

How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

A few key factors have influence on direction of the market research industry. One of them is information. It is known for a long time, that information is a key to success of a company. In the times of advancing technology and ongoing globalization one of the biggest challenges is providing up to date information as fast as is possible. Almost in real time. Another factors which has an influence on research direction is marketing personalization and using new technologies. All media such as TV, Billboard or press advertising are starting to be less effective than they used to be, because of information buzz. The challenge now is to provide a personalized product message through new types of media such as Internet or mobile phones (where the advertisement can be adapted to individual preferences or customer lifestyle). Different factor could be a wider customer knowledge and awareness, now it is not all about the product itself but things like ecological background of the company or even a social relation it builds. Such mission (attitude) should be integrated in the overall company strategy and not be a temporary event.

I would like a contribute to the evolution of market research industry with introducing some kind of awareness, there are more important things than short term profit. Things like an ecology, public image, trust, honesty or transparency politics are more important in long term strategy.
Right now I am writing my master thesis about influence of internal Public relations on my academy public image. The main goal is to find the answer to improve the academy. I want to change attitudes, it is how I see my contribution on market research industry.

What are in your opinion the necessary skills for market researchers in the present environment?

The most important skills are:

  • be open minded and have a skill of fast learning, which is so important in dynamic developing environment

  • skill of effective usage of new technologies

  • skill of seeing a research in a holistic way, not only in narrow aspect

The market researcher should be a honest and ethical. We can’t forget it. Also as a having knowledge. In nowadays a market researcher should all the time develop themselves, because one day same of research tools are perfect, next day they might be not innovative enough and out of the date.

How do you see your career unfolding and what are your aspirations?

I am keen on product marketing, advertisement and also on internal Public Relations. In my future I want to be involved in something in between. I want to work in marketing department, where besides the daily duties of product portfolio. I want to be able to create an integrated marketing communication influenced by Public Relations, new technologies and new trends. I was always curious about new things, so that is way I want to be closer to usage of new tools in good marketing creation. I want to use mine potential and change an attitudes, teach new ideas and be able to develop myself. That is why I think about academic career. Maybe I will have an opportunity to influence the worldwide marketing area.


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