Future Talent Meets The Industry

ESOMAR Congress 2011

Jacobo Ortiz Hernandez Name: Jacobo Ortiz Hernandez
Nationality: Mexican
University: Hult International Business School, London, UK
Title of course/programme:
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How do you see the market research industry evolving and how can you contribute to it?

Technological advances like the Internet, the development of faster, better and smaller devices like smartphones and the combination of both have set up new challenges for the market research industry. These developments have changed people’s behaviors, tendencies, expectations and trends; this means that people can be reached almost everywhere but at the same time it means that new methods to reach them must be created and that the industry needs to know how the information is going to be gathered in this new era.

My contributions to the industry will be mainly my creativity and knowledge, my curiosity and perseverance among with all my communication, individual and teamwork-skills I’ve developed during my life, studies and experiences. These skills are necessary to stay in the lead of the market research industry excelling in every moment and helping maintain the industry fresh and up-to-date.

What are, in your opinion, the necessary skills for market researchers in the present environment?

On our present environment, the information era market researchers must have an instinct to find valuable information in a fast way and be able to identify and discard useless information. This means that a market researcher must be effective and also needs to know how to interpret and communicate his or her findings.

Since the stand of technology and the globalization have allowed to millions of persons to have access to and to create information, it has become easier to identify preferences, trends and market mechanisms but at the same time the fields to do research have became more complex, thus a researcher needs to be familiar with the medium where he or she wants to obtain useful information and needs to be creative, think out of the box. For example a market researcher should be familiar with social networking platforms, there, people share their thoughts, habits, beliefs and other very important things that were very difficult to enquire in the past.

How do you see your career unfolding and what are your aspirations?

I am a person that enjoys learning every day and that enjoys applying those learned things. I am a very multifaceted person who likes to act in a dynamic environment, living in and having studied in Germany changed my perception and world view and now that I’m in London I got to understand better how markets work. After finishing my master in international business I’d like to start my own business in London and Germany. Both my interest in marketing and the experience I’ve been gaining will be key factors for my future success.


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