Young Researcher of the Year Award 2009 - Cristina Paez

Annelies Verhaeghe

Cristina Paez

Age: 27
Company: Consultor Apoyo
Country: Ecuador

Topic chosen


Title of submission

We are alive, we are still a target!


The study questions existing marketing paradigms and shows the reality of individuals over sixty. The results demonstrate the existence of a perceptual gap between marketing and research managers and the real life of older citizens. There isn't much awareness, or interest, from young marketers to understand the character of senior citizen. In fact, the entire social environment fails to acknowledge their needs, wishes, opinions and motivations. Results demonstrated that, in reality, this is a hedonistic group that thrives on pleasure, fun and personal growth. At the same time, they understand that very few companies consider them as a group with their own specific characteristics. It has been my primary goal through this research process to raise my voice along with theirs and to let the world know that they are alive, and they are still a target!

About Cristina

I have been blessed with exceptional working and educational experience throughout my life. I have made sure that such a privileged background does not pale to utter insignificance. I am continuously working to use it to the benefit of others. This is why I consider myself different from the rest. I try to stand out from the crowd by not being just a bunch of tittles and experiences. I apply my knowledge and my never-ending craving for more to projects that will be beneficial on a larger scale, and to society as a whole.