Young Researcher of the Year Award 2011 - Yan Zhu

Yan Zhu

Yan Zhu

Age: 30
Company: BrainJuicer
Country: China

Topic chosen


Title of submission

Time to board your digital health express
Using the wisdom of crowds to explore hotspots of eHealth applications in China


Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and cancer, bring tremendous burden to public health. For patients and carers, living with chronic conditions means decades of continuous monitoring and managing.

The ubiquitous application of digital technologies such as the internet and telecommunications is changing the world of personal health care. Advances in these technologies enable patients to become more involved in managing their health.

The health care industry, traditionally focusing on developing and supplying pharmaceuticals and devices, has begun to place patients in the centre of the stage. For health care players, only those who deliver the right patient values can secure a rightful place on the market.

In any given health condition, different values can be sought to meet different needs. Which end-user values, when assisted by digital technologies, have the most potential to succeed therefore warrant further development? The answer to this question will shed light on how to more effectively direct future investment for both public health planning and private sector strategy deployment.

In developed markets such as the European Union, studies that evaluate the e-infrastructure and implementation of strategy are already conducted by public health organizations. Three applications of digital technologies in health care are often the focus: Electronic health records, ePrescription and Telehealth. Thanks to fast economic development, developing markets are catching up quickly in terms of infrastructure planning and trial programmes. But studies on this subject are scarce. This research hopes to be one of the firsts to draw some attention to health-related research in developing markets.

About Yan

Before returning to China in late 2007, Yan lived and studied in France for several years, exploring diverse academic fields. She earned her business degree from Grenoble Graduate School of Business and began working in marketing in sanofi-aventis during the placement year. She is also a graduate of the University of Paris 6 with a BSc in Biological Sciences, for which she spent a summer working in a molecular genetics lab. Since coming back to Shanghai, she dived into the market research business and mainly worked in GfK Custom Research and Added Value before joining BrainJuicer in January 2011. Yan has a knack for languages and speaks French, Spanish in addition to English and Mandarin. She enjoys traveling; digs indie rock ‘n roll; and recently has developed a taste for musicals and plays.