Community Circles

Born out of the COVID-19 crisis: Interactive, disruptive, personal.

Our Community Circles are unique digital sessions that pack a lot of insight into a small hour. They are not your typical sit-down and listen webinars, but instead, join a participative, bottom-up session where you are the star participant. Grab some water, you’ll need to talk!

Upcoming Circles

27 August 2020 (15:00 CEST / 13:00 Morocco / 14:00 Nigeria / 15:00 South Africa, Egypt / 16:00 Kenya) Community Circle [Africa]: Preparing for the "Next Normal" - Managing Client Business in Challenging Times

In this time of crisis, we all need to be supported and guided by a trustful community and reliable professionals.
The Community Circles launched by ESOMAR is a great opportunity for all of us, working in market research industry, to share and learn tips, solutions, ideas and methods from each other.
A big thank to the ESOMAR team for making this possible!

Giulia Fabrizi, CEO, Almar Quality Research

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