ESOMAR Council Election Results

The results are in! Presenting our Council 2021-2022!

ESOMAR is pleased to announce the elected Council 2021-2022.

We congratulate all 27 candidates on a vibrant physically-distanced campaign and our members for casting so many votes to determine our next leadership team.

We are thankful for their commitment to contribute to our community and wish them well in their mandate.


Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck

Founder / Managing Partner
United States

Since I joined the Council in 2014, ESOMAR, and our industry as a whole, has experienced a climate of rapid change. But 2020 really threw the industry into disruption. With a global pandemic, borders locked and cities on lockdown and a continued rise in nationalism around the world, ESOMAR projected a 30% retraction in global research spend. As a result, our industry, and ESOMAR, is in need of a hard pivot to support the rapidly changing needs of our research community around the world.

So why me for President? Why now? With over 25 years of research experience as a serial entrepreneur and now an industry growth strategist and advisor. I have a keen understanding of how to navigate rough waters during turbulent times. My businesses survived the dot com crash of 2001, a major economic recession in 2007 and now a pandemic. If there is one thing I excel at, it's pulling my businesses and clients through tough times - and I'm committed to doing the same for our industry and for ESOMAR.

That means the following:
1) Expanding on Joaquim Bretcha's platform of "building bridges" so that we're a truly global association that serves our members on any and every continent.
2) Bringing younger researchers into ESOMAR so that, as an association, we remain relevant to the new generations that are driving the evolution of the industry.
3) Opening our arms to data scientists as well as second- and third-party data providers so that the importance of data quality and ethics isn't lost as our industry evolves.

Whether I'm at home in the US or in Greece, or traveling around the world (which I hope we can get back to in 2021). I take great comfort in knowing that, wherever I go, there is an ESOMAR member who can share their unique perspective with me. I've worked very hard over the past six years years to earn your trust as a Council member and, most recently, as Vice President. Now I hope to earn your vote for President. Thanks so much, in advance, for your support.

Read Kristin's election statement.

Vice President

Nikki Lavoie

Nikki Lavoie

MindSpark Research International

After having served as a member of the council for the last few years, and during the moment when the world completely changed for all of us, I have a very clear vision on what researchers need in the next evolution of a membership body like ESOMAR. I'm a person who lives comfortably in several worlds, at once: I'm American but have been in France for just shy of a decade. I'm a trained qualitative researcher who got her start in quantitative methodologies. I got my training as a consumer insights professional, but now focus largely on user experience research. It is precisely this adaptability that I want to lend to ESOMAR as Vice President.

During my time on Council thus far, I have worked with my colleagues to create two important subcommittees that help ESOMAR focus some of its efforts on key member populations, and open the doors to important folks who aren't members yet: The first focuses on needs faced by Young members and potential members--ensuring that we continue efforts to promote our industry to students and recent graduates and cultivate the best incoming talent. And the second focuses diversity and inclusion--ensuring that we engage thoughtfully and respectfully with everyone, and to move ESOMAR towards being accessible to those whose voices are so often silenced.

I have also raised the banner for Service Design and User Research professionals, who are largely unaware of ESOMAR, but who are engaging in work that would definitely benefit from the great work this organization undertakes. It is imperative that we connect with this other world, and join forces to learn from each other, do better research, and create more impact for the world at large. As Vice President, I would hope to work alongside the president to continue to place emphasis on growing and diversifying our member body, to unite those working in research across any spectrum and, most importantly, to increase the value of what an ESOMAR membership offers each and every one of us.

Read Nikki's election statement.

Council Members

Tom De Ruyck

Tom De Ruyck

Managing Partner
InSites Consulting

As an ESOMAR Council Member I would like to focus on 3 points that are close to my heart: promoting the insights profession towards students and young professionals, promoting the importance of insights and consumer centricity at the client side (especially internal stakeholders of corporate researchers) and fostering knowledge sharing within the global insights community. I really look forward to putting my passion for research, my experience within the profession and my global network within and outside of the community at work to promote ESOMAR and its objectives.

Read Tom's election statement.

Michelle Gansle

Michelle Gansle

VP, Global Strategic Insights
United States

I am an award winning industry leader with more than 20 years of experience in Insights, both on the supplier and buyer side. I currently work for Mars, one of the largest private companies in the world. I am passionate about working with my peers in the industry to ensure we are evolving our skills, capabilities, mindset and tools to maintain relevancy and continue to create value.

As a Member on the Council, I want to ensure that we find ways for Suppliers and Buyers to truly connect with each other and engage in dialogue to overcome barriers and work closer together to solve common problems that we all face. For example, diversity and inclusion in both our teams and in our research, evolving mindsets and ways of working to embrace technology and automation, changing the way we work from slow perfection to fast progress and from gatekeepers to data democratizers and powerful storytellers.

My greatest learning has come from attending conferences, connecting with new people outside of my company and industry and being involved in ESOMAR. I want to help the organization to grow its membership base, both in North America and globally. We especially need more buyers involved in order for it to be a two-way dialogue that represents the entire industry, not just one side. Lastly, I want to bring some fun and light-heartedness, because we have the best jobs in the world - and sometimes it can be easy to forget this.

Read Michelle's election statement.

Alain Mizrahi

Alain Mizrahi


The world is undergoing a revolution, and you have the opportunity with your ESOMAR Council vote, to influence how our Association is going to help its members emerge stronger.

- Continuing to build bridges. When I ran for the Council elections in 2018 I promised to collaborate with national associations and seek alliances with other sectors of activity. I have successfully contributed to rebuilding and strengthening ties with associations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. I will continue collaborating with the organization of local events, seeking exchanges between different regions, and helping to create a local association where there isn't any. I can contribute in this area because of my multicultural background, my vocation to work in associative activities, and my commitment to the mission and values of ESOMAR.

- Collaborate in the transition towards a new world. Many colleagues have small structures which have been affected by the pandemic. We must all help the Research community in its reconversion by providing training, networking and exchange of experiences among members. Pandemics have also been catalysts for new opportunities, and ESOMAR must collaborate in this sense. I will share my experience throughout multiple reconversions during my 32 years in Market Research, from PAPI to CATI, CAWI and now to Data Science, but also to work remotely and adapting to the new ways of connecting.

- Promote the reconversion of ESOMAR's value proposition. ESOMAR has the same challenge as any company: adapt its value proposition to the new post-Covid world. One particular area I commit to working on is the development of the professional training in specific issues and medium-term training for the new generation of Research professionals. There is a void in many countries and ESOMAR has members with university teaching experience who would gladly collaborate. As a university teacher myself I can contribute to this activity from the Council.

Read Alain's election statement.

Umesh Kumar

Umesh Kumar

SVP & Head - International Research
Hansa Research Group Pvt Ltd

It is indeed a pleasure running again for the ESOMAR council. With an enriching and rewarding tenure working as a part of the ESOMAR council in last two terms, by contributing in the area of membership growth, promoting young researchers, and engagement with representatives and local associations. I would like to serve 3rd and final term as a part of the council to accomplish my activities and plans on behalf of ESOMAR. The digital medium, which was already occupying central stage, has been given a surge due to the pandemic. It has thrown newer challenges for the industry in terms of innovative research methodologies, leading to social and cultural issues in adopting new methods. The challenge for our industry has increased even more than before to STAY RELEVANT. I believe ESOMAR can contribute significantly in this regard to stay relevant, by making it easier to recognize, embrace, and adopt digital methods.

I have a vision that: With the changed market dynamics, ESOMAR should conduct more activities for sharing and learning about changes in research practices, methodology, and use of technology. ESOMAR can leverage its resources like ANA (ESOMAR's resources library), Videos, ESOMAR Plus (Assistance for compliance challenges like GDPR), so that members can access the resources whenever they need. ESOMAR should also invest in the future by promoting young researchers at local level, working together with local associations. Initiatives could be taken up by ESOMAR to invite and attract more research buyers to be part of our community, thereby enhancing the insights landscape of the future. ESOMAR can work even more closely with local associations in each country for promoting the ICC/ESOMAR Code on Market and Social Research and ESOMAR Professional Standards.

Read Umesh's election statement.

Corrine Moy

Corrine Moy

Global VP of Marketing & Data Sciences
United Kingdom

I am a widely renowned expert in the marketing & data science space, with a track record for innovation and excellence. I currently lead the global Marketing & Data Science practice at GfK, managing a network of over 100 science professionals. I am a regular contributor to industry conferences and publications, with many awards for this work. I have a long history of teaching, both science and research topics, for the MRS and for many other research institutes. I have developed innovations in many areas of marketing/data science and research, most latterly an award-winning modular survey methodology, a hybrid research design approach, as well as a unique approach to measuring brand equity. I am keen to bring this experience to the ESOMAR mission.

Client organisations are awash with data nowadays. And it's without doubt that they need to understand consumers in an increasingly complex world. What they are looking for from the Insights industry is integrated insight, the ability to draw information from a range of different data & information sources to solve their business problems. Across qual & quant survey data, but also behavioural & transactional data, streaming data, digital and social media data.

We need deep analytic understanding to maximise and optimize the value from all of these data streams. So the application of data science, machine learning and AI are vital assets for our industry. I really feel that my expertise in these areas can help to shape, inform and support ESOMAR's offering to the Insight community. I have extensive experience of innovation within these areas, crafting insight solutions that deliver maximum understanding from all available sources.

Read Corrine's election statement.

Vanessa Oshima

Vanessa Oshima

President and Co-Founder
Heart Data

Understanding WHY and finding our WHY is a true driving passion that I have had for many years. This is how I fell in to research field and fell in love with the power and potential of the industry. Our skills can truly make a difference, for small start up businesses, larger corporations, NPOs but also on a personal level - understanding our own WHY. 20 years ago as a VERY YOUNG and INEXPERIENCED researcher I had the opportunity to attend & speak at my first ESOMAR APAC conference. I attended a workshop, I listened, learned, I connected with many new colleagues (now friends!) on both client and agency side. I saw the raw talent of the industry, and the role that ESOMAR plays in shaping, providing guidance and opportunity for people like myself that are connected to the industry. Frankly I was hooked.

For those of you that know me I have high (!!) levels of passion for the POTENTIAL OF THE FUTURE - with a dream, a vision, a positive can do attitude and a plan we are can create the future. And for many years I have aimed to give back to the industry as much as I could. Through 2020 we have seen a further acceleration of industry transformation - the saying "the pace of change will never be this slow again" ... was so real in 2020!

As Congress Chair in 2017 I marvelled at ESOMAR celebrating 70 years ... staying relevant and strong for 70 years is not easy - & wondered what the next 70 years would hold. I have decided to run for council with the goal to not just "wonder" but to give back and apply my experiences on agency and client side, insights, strategy and marketing teams. And couple this with my passion for development and future of the research industry to stay relevant and strong. To be part of council that will craft & lead global industry policies & guidance, inspire & develop new members, to realise our new research reality & unlock the transformations we need for next 70 years.

Read Vanessa's election statement.

Joy Uyanwune

Joy Uyanwune

Head, Global Marketing & Initiatives

Being part of a big picture means that the colors one brings forth needs to be blended into creative yet reflective work for appreciation of all. With the dynamism of our world today, it would be important to look out for, anticipate and review aspects that affect our businesses in the context of the natural changes, occurrences and developments that we witness. Many African countries, for example, are inundated with changes and signs of growth and development in numerous areas that marketing practitioners experience daily.

If elected as Member, ESOMAR Council, I would among other things, be supporting specific policies and actions on Education. The industry stands to gain from engaging Marketing & MR professors at Universities to get students to become aware and be engaged with ESOMAR. The industry, especially in Africa, would gain immensely from having graduates and certified personnel available in human resource; not only would they perform better at whichever establishment they work, they would promote research and insights as they rise up the ladder and by extension, support growth paths efficiently and professionally.

Another high interest area for me would involve New Technology companies and Technology-related associations with my interest being to find means to have them gainfully carried along in ESOMAR programs not only globally but in the regions also.

Read Joy’s election statement.

Lisa Wilding-Brown

Lisa Wilding-Brown

Chief Research Officer
United States

Greetings to my fellow ESOMAR members! I've been in the market research industry for nearly 20 years. Now more than ever, our industry needs innovative thought leaders who have a proven track record of advocating and educating; and who can help shepherd our community through these challenging times.

As Chief Research Officer at InnovateMR, I am responsible for panel quality, best practices and sampling methodologies as well as spear-heading the firm's Insights platform. Prior to joining Innovate, I was a member of the executive team at uSamp where I developed the company's global panel and led the firm's mobile research division. I got my start in market research at Harris Interactive, where I played an instrumental role in developing the company's first full-service online research practice. I later joined the panel team, focusing my efforts on research-on-research, survey methodology, modal transition, specialty panel development and online engagement for the Harris Poll Online. I have presented at such conferences as AAPOR, the MRMW North America and Europe, The MRS, The Insights Association's Corporate Researcher (CRC) and NEXT conferences, IIEX, SampleCon and I have published research related to engagement, online survey design, quality and mobile best practices.

If elected, I am committed to fostering learning opportunities for members, and I will serve to unite our global organization through new collaborations and partnerships. I very much believe that as seasoned business professionals, our greatest contribution and duty should be to invest in this industry's future trailblazers. I resolutely believe that my vast experience, professional accomplishments and research contributions further reinforce my commitment in helping our industry flourish at the nexus of both innovation and scientific rigor.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve the ESOMAR community and I would be deeply honored to receive an appointment to this esteemed Council.

Read Lisa's election statement.


Joaquim Bretcha

Joaquim Bretcha

International Director

Understanding the consumer to develop the business has been the main focus of Joaquim's career. He has worked in various functions along the value chain in the market research industry; end-client, agency, and service provider.

Joaquim currently works as a service provider of online data collection, leading the international business of Netquest in Europe and Asia. This has allowed him to set up a new international business division from scratch and get to know different market research realities across the continents.

Within Spain, Joaquim's roles as an "end client" have been: Marketing and Purchase Director at Auchan Supermarkets, Merchandising Director for Carrefour Supermarkets and Marketing Manager for AECOC, the FMCG Spanish institution for retailers, manufacturers and service providers. On the Market Research Agency side, I have worked for six years as a Retail Director for TNS (Kantar) Worldpanel and Synovate.

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