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Marketing and Social Research Association

ESOMAR partner association

Applies the ICC/ESOMAR Code by adoption

MSRA Kenya
P.O. Box 25404 - 00100
Chairperson: Mrs. Jane Ichatha Nzomo
Vice Chair: Mr. Chris Karumba
Treasurer: Dan Ahere
Secretariat: Sylvia Radido
Code of Ethics used
National; ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research
Total Membership
Membership fees
Fellow - No charge
Corporate – Application fees = Kshs. 30,000.
Annual membership fee = Kshs. 65,000.
Full member - Kshs 5,000 annually
Associate - Kshs 3,000 annually
Field member - Kshs 1,000 annually

Membership Qualifications
Membership is open to anyone involved in research in East Africa as their principal activity.

Fellow - By invitation and unanimous agreement of MSRA Executive Council
Corporate- By invitation and unanimous agreement of MSRA Executive Council. Recognised Research Agencies that agree to be bound by the MSRA Code of Ethics and participate in MSRA industry initiatives.

Full member - By application and with support of 2 sponsors, one of whom must be an MSRA full member or fellow. Applicants must be practicing researchers within a recognized agency and with at least 3 years relevant experience.

Associate - By application and with support of 1 full member or fellow. Applicants may be practicing researchers within an agency with less than 3 years relevant experience, academics concerned with research or research staff within other organizations.

Field member - By application and with the support of one sponsor who must be either a full or fellow member of MSRA. Applicants must be working as a market or social research interviewer, team leader, supervisor or assistant. Field managers will also be applicable.

Professional Standards - MSRA have drawn up a Code of Practice covering the gathering and dissemination of information. The association reviews this regularly and deals with any complaints arising out of the professional conduct of members.

Training and Education - Providing a range of professional courses at different skills levels.
Meetings and Activities - MRSA members meet monthly to discuss happenings in the industry and plan activities.

External Relations - The association aims to represent the views of members on relevant issues in the public domain and to improve the understanding of market and social research.

Information Service - MRSA maintain a data-base of members and distributes this information in response to enquiries. It also intends to standardise demographic information used within the industry and to build a library of useful directories and texts.