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ADM - Arbeitskreis Deutscher Markt- und Sozialforschungsinstitute e.V.

ESOMAR partner association

Applies the ICC/ESOMAR Code by adoption

Französische Straße 8
10117 Berlin
+49 30 2061638-0
+49 30 2061638-29
Chairman – Mr. Bernd Wachter
Vice Chairman - Mr. Dr. Roland Abold, Sebastian Götte
Managing Director – Ms. Bettina Klumpe
Council Members
Code of Ethics used
ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research, National Code. Together with the Declaration for the Territory of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Total Membership
73 Corporate
Membership fees
Fees are dependent upon turnover

Membership Qualifications
Independent companies undertaking market and/or social research only, with continuous activities in the field of research covering at least three years, with an annual minimum turnover laid down by the general meeting.

- Promotion of the concept of market research
- Working for the general acceptance of the professional principles of the Association
- Prevention of unfair competition
- Contacts with national and international organisations
- Encouragement of and assistance to new entrants to the profession
- Providing a forum for exchange of opinions and experiences
- Advice to, and representation on behalf of, members on questions of ethics and related issues