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OFBOR - Polish Association of Public Opinion and Marketing Research Firms

Applies the ICC/ESOMAR Code by adoption

ul. Szarotki 11
02 - 609 Warsaw

President - Mr. Janusz DURLIK
Vice President - Mr. Marek BISKUP
Secretary - Mr. Andrzej OLSZEWSKI
Board Members - Mr. Marek KLAJDA, Mr. Piotr KWIATKOWSKI , Ms. Malgorzata OLSZEWSKA, Ms. Dorota WOJCIECHOWSKA
Prof. Standards Commission - Ms. Elizabeth GORAJEWSKA, Ms. Barbara FRĄTCZAK-RUDNICKA, Mr. Artur NOGA-BOGOMILSKI, Mr. Krzysztof SIEKIERSKI
Board of Control - Mr. Marcin GLOWACKI, Ms. Alina LEMPA, Mr. Marek MARKIEWICZ
Council Members
Code of Ethics used
ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Market and Social Research
Total Membership
20 in 2005
Membership fees
annual fee PLN 3.500

Membership Qualifications
Open to companies that meet all of the following criteria: they have their seat and carry out their activities on the territory of the Polish Republic; their main business is opinion and market research; they have proper financial and organisational basis for the professional, continuous research activity; they are regarded by other researchers and clients as reliable suppliers of high quality research.

Promotion of professional MR standards; arbitration in disputes between Members and in disputes between researchers who are not Members of the Organisation; seminars & training courses; support to research and development in the field of research techniques, methodology of research and related disciplines; representation of the interests of Members and the entire industry in relations with commercial entities and public institutions.