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Marketing Research Society of Pakistan

Applies the ICC/ESOMAR Code by adoption

45/I, Khayban-e-Sehr,
12th Street, Phase VI, Defence Housing Authority,
Karachi – 75500, Pakistan
President: Ms. Nazeeha Hussain
Other Office bearers: of the Adhoc council
Mr. Naveed Khan, General Secretary
Mr. Bilal Quadri - Treasurer
Mr. Muhammed Zubair – Vice president
Council Members
Total Membership
Membership fees

Membership Qualifications
Any person fulfilling the following criteria, and recommended by any two members of the Society, may become a regular member of the Society:
• Be the holder of an advanced degree in a subject related to Marketing or professional standing in such branch or branches of marketing & business.
• Have demonstrated commitment to the field through marketing research; or
• Any national of Pakistan who agrees to abide by the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the Society; and
• Pays the membership fee (as determined by the Executive Council from time to time) may subject to the approval of the Executive Council, be enrolled as a Regular member of the Society; and
• Signed Memorandum of Understanding of regular membership with understanding.
2. Honorary Membership
The Executive Council may, of its own accord, confer Honorary Membership of the Society on persons who have made exceptionally outstanding and distinguished contributions in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Society. A person so elected to Honorary Membership shall not be required to pay any Entrance Fee or Annual membership Fee but shall be entitled to one vote at General Meetings and in any referenda of the Society. The maximum number of Honorary Members shall not exceed a total of ten at any point in time. The Executive Council will reserve the rights to award membership to distinguished researchers
Student membership shall be open to persons who are in full-time education (including persons engaged in a recognized course of study including industrial or commercial training) and have expressed an interest in marketing or social research or related activities and whose admission to membership would, in the opinion of the Executive Council, help to promote the objects of the Society. In the case of Student membership, every application should be supported by two sponsors to whom the applicant is personally known. One of these sponsors must be either the Head of Department at the educational establishment where the applicant is studying / or must be a Full Member of the Society. The Council may at its discretion accept sponsorship by a person who is not a Member of the Society but is in the opinion of the Council suitably qualified to support the application. Student member will not have any voting rights.
4. Special Membership
The Executive Council shall have powers to make provisions for such members who may come to retire from full-time professional employment on such terms as it may deem appropriate. The retired members shall be persons who satisfy the following requirements:
• have attained the age of 60;
• have been a member of the Society for at least 5 years and;
• are not in receipt of a regular salary for work relating to marketing research or related activities.
5. Founder Members
All members who shall have subscribed their names for farming of the Society shall be the Founder Members.
Ad Hoc E

Formally launched on November 1, 2011