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AMA - American Marketing Association

311 South Wacker Drive, Suite 5800
Chicago, IL 60606-2266
Chairperson of the Board - Tom KINNEAR
Immediate Past Chairperson - Michael A. LOTTI
Chairperson of the Board-Elect - Thomas K. HERNQUIST
Secretary/Treasurer - George DAY
Ex-officio Board Member - Dennis DUNLAP
AMA Foundation Chairperson - Tom ABRAHAMSON
Council Members
Code of Ethics used
International (adhered to by 38,000 members worldwide)
Total Membership
25.000 professional / academic
13.000 student
Membership fees
USD 195 professional/academic new members
USD 75 bridge member
USD 39 student member
USD 95 doctoral students
USD 35 emeritus member
(Membership includes Marketing News)

Membership Qualifications
- Membership classifications and requirements not only recognize the individual’s professional accomplishments, but also provide the Association the opportunity to develop and structure services that provide for peer recognition and interchange. - Professional Members
1. Practitioner- Any person engaged in or having an interest in marketing
2. Academic- Marketing educators
- Bridge Members
- Student members are eligible for Bridge membership upon graduation. Bridge members have equal status to professional members at a reduced rate. Bridge members are eligible for the reduced rate for three years.
- Student Members
- Full-time registered students who are not employed full-time.
- Doctoral Members - Doctoral Students
- Emeritus Members- Professional or Academic members who have been members for at least twenty consecutive years and are at least 62 years in age.

- Member prices Journal of Marketing $55; Journal of Marketing Research $55; Journal of International Marketing $55; Journal of Public Policy and Marketing $55; Marketing Management Magazine $55; Marketing Research Magazine $55; Marketing Health Services Magazine $55. All Journals $30 for student members.