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Avi Degani

President, Scientific Director
Geocartography Knowledge Group

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For the last 35 years I have enjoyed leading a dual professional carrier - combining an academic position as a Professor at Tel-Aviv University (since 1972), with a commercial application of the fruits of my academic research - in Geocartography Knowledge Group (GCKG).
Geocartography is a private marketing research institute, which I have created in 1987, and share managing since, with my wife, Dr. Rina Degani – a specialist in Urban Economics.

'Geocartography Group' has become since, a unique, leading, marketing research brand in Israel – reputed for its innovative methodologies & techniques, and its professional integrity. The Group (GCKG) encompasses several thematic specialty divisions and affiliate companies.

I consider myself a specialist in "information Strategy." I took this term to mean, and be, strategic support of company managements to adopt conceptually, as in practice, the notion that major decision making, in marketing and economic practices, must be solely founded on high quality research–based, significantly substantiated, quantitative data and information – as opposed to customary "wisdom of the table" decision-making practices, which are heavily subjected to social human bias.

My personal practice encompasses a combination of classical marketing, opinion, social and political research [the latter being a professional hobby – exposing me often to the media], with a specific specialty in performing feasibility and market potential analyses – in Israel and worldwide: I engage in forecasting revenue, prior to building new malls – [some 80 in Israel alone; in Cyprus, Amman (Jordan), Poland,, Spain, Greece ,and other countries], opening new stores for retail chains (food, fashion etc.); Cinema Mega-Centers (in Israel and Europe), automotive assembly lines (Kazakhstan) and points of sales; Pharmaceutical products' sales - by city and zone, etc., and providing vital decision-making insights to the clients.

Life has carried my carrier, in unpredicted ways: From a triplicate BSc – in Geography, Geology and Climatology [having to forecast weather on the final exam], in sunny Jerusalem, to a Ph.D (1971) in Spatial Modeling from the University of Minnesota in, winter-frozen, Minneapolis, U.S.
It was there that I conceived the theorem and terms "Geocartography" and "Analytical Mapping," as opposed to Cartography (per-se), which is the pictorial non-analytic technique of producing maps.
"Geocartography" came to be a scientific rebellion against the, scientifically highly criticized, universal practice of data compilation and analysis by "fixed-resolution" sub-units of space, such as regions, counties, townships, etc."
Geocartography" provided alternatively, theory and techniques, enabling "free-space" (non-divided), "Variable resolution" (not fixed) "Analytical Mapping" (not pictorial). Namely, research results which provide, in addition to all common deliverables, also dynamic delineation on (any scale) maps – of the critical boundaries portraying, e.g.: "hot-spots" and levels of any phenomenon investigated – such as the demand for products, percentage of bonded loyalty to a brand, consumer segmentation, etc.

All this became possible due to my synergistic employment of statistical and geo-statistical spatial-modeling techniques, powered by (1971) totally new capabilities of computerized mapping – later to have become known as GIS, of which I was one of the world's early pioneers.
Today everyone uses the offsprings of the GIS: GPS, and the newly born WAZE.

The wide applicable potential-contribution of the Geocartographic paradigm – theory and techniques, drew a considerable international attention, for which I was appointed (and served for 18 yrs) as Representative of Israel Academy of Science to the "International Committee on Data for science and technology," - CODATA, created by The International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).
As well I was invited to lecture and visit with various institutes, such as NATO, UNESCO, ISTIC (China academy of science), Asian Planning School (Bangkok), SCIP (Competitive Intelligence), and various universities.

Our company's R&D Division produces continuously –since day one, 30 years ago-- new Geocartographic models, Big-Data products, tools and applications. Among the later ones, models supporting segmented 'Market Targeting for Targeted Marketing' (MTTM).
I have also become an International specialist in the creation of Resilian Cities