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Serge Mumbu Tshimanga

General Manager
Congo, Democratic People's Republic

ESOMAR Representative ESOMAR Representative ESOMAR Member ESOMAR Member Corporate HQ Key member Corporate HQ Key Member

Background information

Research specialisation:
Advertising Research

Role in research:
Research Provider

More than 17 years’ experience in piloting of projects related to quantitative and qualitative market researches, speeches at conferences, trainings, presentation of researches’ results and strategic recommendations to clients in many African countries (Burundi, Congo, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Sierra Leone…)
Bachelor's degree in Marketing (1993-1998), Managing Director of EXPERTS Research Agency (1999- September 2011), General Manager TARGET Research & Consulting (A part from October 2011) and ESOMAR representative for DR Congo since January 2014.

Qualitative studies (Moderation, analysis and reporting), Quantitative studies (reporting and presentation to clients), desk research (analysis, reporting and presentation to clients).