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Gabriel Neira

dichter & neira Panama

ESOMAR Representative ESOMAR Representative ESOMAR Member ESOMAR Member

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Research specialisation:
Quantitative Research

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Research Provider

Market research is my passion. I have dedicated most of my professional career to the industry and plan to continue within for many years. I currently serve as CEO of Dichter & Neira.

Our group has full service offices in 15 Latin American countries. Each year our world-class researchers design, conduct and deliver over 2,000 studies for more than 300 active clients. That is the reason at Dichter & Neira, we recognize and understand the rich diversity of our region the way we do. All of our 15 state-of-the-art offices have CAPI recollection capabilities and focus groups facilities, complemented with our Regional CATI Center, a 150 station workplace aimed to cover 40 Latin American countries and territories.

I have been an ESOMAR member since 2004. Academically, I hold a Bachelor degree in Marketing from Universidad Santa María la Antigua, Panamá; a Master degree in Market Research from ESIC Business and Marketing School, Spain; and a Master degree in Business Administration from University of Notre Dame, USA. In addition, I have attended executive education courses in Harvard and Stanford.