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Ben Lepez

Managing Director
Nordic Viewpoint

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Dutch, English, French, Swedish

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Managing Director and co-owner of a growing International Market Research agency in Sweden.
Whether your require insights and data for your brand, product, innovation or exploratory research projects, we're happy to help.

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium; I sarted my career in telecom service management and customer service roles before stumbling into market research fieldwork. When I moved to Sweden, I got my first job on a 3 week contract as a recruiter/interviewer in a healthcare fieldwork agency but 3 weeks turned into 10 years as I continued to grow into the company and the industry by acquiring increased operational, technical and sales responsibility. This lead to a natural desire to offer more types of research services and broaden the scope of business. This was the starting point for Nordic Viewpoint which was started together with my great colleagues and co-owners.

Every day, I am happy to realise that I work in a business that offers services which contribute to how the society of the future will look both for consumers and businesses. Whether it is commercial, or for society purposes, market research is important for everyone and everyone should do market research to understand their current and future customers but also to understand how society can become!