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Mihajlo Popesku

Head of Research
Auspex International Ltd
United Kingdom (GB)

ESOMAR Member ESOMAR Member Corporate HQ Key member Corporate HQ Key Member

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German, English, Croatian, Serbian

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Research Provider

I am a Marketing | Data Scientist with a wealth of agency and academic experience. In the previous 10 years as a research executive, I have been involved in more than 60 large research projects for clients in 27 different countries with a focus on Tech, Finance, Cryptocurrency, Energy, Property Management, Consumer and FMCG industries. My primary experience is in advanced quantitative research and applied statistics. My typical projects involve market segmentation and statistical modelling. I enjoy innovating, using novel technologies and scientific breakthroughs to deliver in practice. I am particularly proud of the fact that 5 years ago I started blending big data and survey data to ensure high validity insight for my clients. By nature, I am very curious and speak of complex ideas and concepts using plain language. I am genuinely passionate about my work and enjoy finding the answers to the most challenging research problems corporations, political parties and individuals may face. My most recent project involved developing a model of reputation measurement for an affluent MENA country which was highly commended by its Government.

In 2016 I was ranked as 8th out of 12,058 candidates in Market Research and 32nd out of 6,472 candidates in Statistics by Upwork.com. Occasionally I speak about research and data at conferences such as TEDx, ESOMAR, Data Leaders.

Segmentation, Quantitative Research, CAWI, Marketing Science, Data Science, Structural Equation Modelling, Reputation Measurement and Quantification