COVID-19 Crisis: Community Insights Kit

As your global professional and trade association, ESOMAR is committed to continuing to support you now and in the coming months as situation is revealed.
In response to the COVID-19 crisis, across the world, circumstances are changing very quickly and both client and provider of research will be facing common and unique challenges. We aim to collect and share information, challenges, solution, guidance and knowledge on the situation from the data, insights and research community globally. This is our centralised COVID-19 resources page, summarising all current initiatives we are running to support our community, as well as offering guidance and industry content on the topic.


Reg Baker, ESOMAR Ambassador for North America, shares his perspective on the challenges crystallized by the response to COVID-19.

Essential Guidelines
Globally accredited, best practice practical guidelines ready for use

Answers to Contemporary Market Research Questions
The best place to start looking for an answer to your question on the practice of research or insight!

Learning from the Past
Dive into selected ESOMAR content we have curated from past events and our knowledge library, offering context and learnings in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis

For more content and knowledge, please browse our Resources Library, powered by ANA

COVID-19 Initiatives

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