ESOMAR celebrates excellence in the area of market research with a range of internationally renowned industry awards.

Congress 2015 winners

Congress 2015 Awards:
Best Exhibitor: Lightspeed GMI
Best Paper Overall: Turning Shopper Insights into Company-wide Memes
Best Case History: Belief, Intent, ACTION!
Best Methodological Paper: The Shape of Conversations

ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper 2014-2015:
French Government: Nudge Me Tender
How to turn ethnographic insight into more efficient policy making

Eric Singler, Etienne Bressoud, Françoise Waintrop, Richard Bordenave

ESOMAR Excellence Award for Standards of Performance in Market Research - The John Downham Award 2015:
Adam Phillips, UK

Representative Awards 2015:
ESOMAR Outstanding Representative in an Emerging Market:
Joy Uyanwune, ESOMAR Representative for Nigeria
ESOMAR Outstanding Representative in a Developed Market:
Sally Joubert, ESOMAR Representative for Australia
ESOMAR Representative Inspiration Award:
Richard Colwell, ESOMAR Representative for Ireland

Research Effectiveness Award 2015:
Reinventing Convenience Store Food
Growing 7-Eleven's foodservice profit, sales and image using multi-stage shopper-focused research

Alyssa Milton, John Berenyi

Young Researcher of the Year Award 2015:
Arindam Mohanty, Third Eye Integrated Services, India
Presentation: The Evolution Express

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