Careers in Market Research 2017 - Ghent

The Role of Market Research in Decision-Making

Ghent / 6 February



This event, held in cooperation with Vlerick Business School and the support of Febelmar, provides students with an insight into the world of market research practice. The event will shed light on an industry that is rapidly expanding across the globe, and showcase the great opportunities available for career development in the sphere of marketing.

Case studies from SKIM and GfK will demonstrate the relevance of market research in generating insights, fuelling innovation and getting closer to consumers.

This event will also provide a unique opportunity for students to network with senior practitioners and discuss profiles and skillsets needed to enter the market research industry.

Presentations & Speakers

Bringing Big Data to Life
Merging demographics and behavioural big data with attitudinal survey data
Jeroen Hardon, SKIM, Netherlands

Big Data often has demographic and behavioral data, but little to no attitudinal information. This presentation describes the many challenges in using survey data to add attitudinal information to Big Data. We also describe our solution to align demographic and behavioural data stored in large client databases with attitudinal data collected in a survey that was used for developing consumer segments with different needs. We will show that higher predictive validity for survey data does not always mean higher predictive validity for Big Data, and that data fusion and augmentation can be a helpful solution.


How GfK is leveraging Data Science and Big Data to help clients reach their business goals
Istvan Hajnal, Insights Director, Marketing & Data Sciences, GfK, Belgium

In this talk we will discuss the value of data, big and small, for making informed business decisions. We will focus on the role that Market Research can play in this area and illustrate that with the Data Science and Big Data strategy that GfK, one of the world’s leading market research companies, has put in place.

Careers Panel

A panel of senior practitioners will discuss profiles and skillsets needed to enter the market research industry:

  • Gerd Callewaert, IPSOS
  • Dominique Vercraeye, KANTAR/TNS
  • Elke De Brabandere, Haystack
  • Istvan Hajnal, GfK

The session will be introduced by Professor Philippe Baecke, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Vlerick Business School, and moderated by Wim Hamaekers, Managing Partner at haystack and ESOMAR Representative for Belgium.


Vlerick Business School – Ghent Campus
Room M2.2
Reep 1
9000 Ghent


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Date and Time
6 February, 14.00 - 17.00