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Registration pricing

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Please note and review the new cancellation policy before submitting your registration.

Member preferential rates: To take advantage of the preferential member rate, you can apply for membership while filling in your event registration. Please note - it is not necessary to apply for membership separately. Once you have registered, both the membership fee (plus one-time administration costs) and reduced member fee will then be applied.

Bootcamp (after 30 November 2016, regular price)
Full event EUR 1000 EUR 1450
One day EUR 600 EUR 1050
ESOMAR Corporate Client members - Free of charge EUR 0 EUR 0
Bootcamp (until 30 November 2016, * including 30% discount)
Full event EUR 700 EUR 1015
One day EUR 420 EUR 735
ESOMAR Corporate Client members - Free of charge EUR 0 EUR 0

Online registration open until 19 January 2017, 17:00 Central European Time.
On-site registration is possible.

Cancellation policy

Due to increasingly inflexible payment terms provided by conference venues, ESOMAR accepts written requests for cancellation up to 7 days in advance of a scheduled ESOMAR event.

Requests for cancellation received up to 14 days in advance will incur a first tier cancellation charge and requests received up to 7 days in advance will incur a second tier cancellation charge.

The following charges will apply:

Tier 1
(Up to 14 Days prior to scheduled event)
EUR 100
Tier 2
(Between 14 and 7 Days prior to scheduled event)
EUR 250

In the event of exceptional circumstances such as a bereavement or similar uncontrollable events, ESOMAR may, at its sole discretion, consider a written application for cancellation, provided it is received no later than 3 working days after the scheduled event, and written independent verification of the event is attached. In all circumstances however, a cancellation fee will be applied.

ESOMAR permits registered delegates to name a substitute to attend in their place. Should the substitute not benefit from the same rates (non-member and member rates), ESOMAR will charge the difference between the rates.

Written requests for cancellations may be sent by e-mail to events@esomar.org

The only exception to these terms is In the case of force majeure; in such an instance, where ESOMAR cannot reasonably be expected to execute the scheduled event, ESOMAR will communicate the permissible options to the affected delegates.

ESOMAR reserves the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating directly or indirectly to a workshop, for any circumstances beyond ESOMAR’s reasonable control. ESOMAR will nor accept liability for any losses and/or damages participants may suffer on account of alteration or cancellation. Participants are advised to arrange adequate travel and health insurance.


My enrolment, attendance and/or participation in ESOMAR's Bootcamp 2017 constitutes my agreement and understanding that ESOMAR is permitted to photograph, record and use my name, picture, portrait, likeness, voice and statement(s), as well as any compilation(s) that may result there from. I further acknowledge that all photographs, videos and other recordings of me in any media or medium used and taken by ESOMAR are owned solely by ESOMAR and it alone may copyright those materials containing same. ESOMAR has the right to edit the foregoing in any manner it deems appropriate and such right may be exercised without any inspection, review or approval by me. ESOMAR shall also have the right to use and employ such video and photography for use on television, the Internet (including on the ESOMAR's website) and in conjunction with the advertising, publicity or promotional materials of ESOMAR. Nothing herein will constitute any obligation on the part of ESOMAR to use, photograph or record me or make any use of the rights set forth herein. I fully understand the content, meaning and impact of this release.

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