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CEE Research Forum 2012

Global fuel for local boost!

Krakow / 26-27 March  Buy papers 


Now offering new "Live stream" access to our CEE Research Forum in Krakow!

The new ESOMAR livestream technology will enable you to access many of the key sessions of the CEE Research Forum and to hear the latest industry developments from the leading experts in their fields – all from your desktop!

The livestream has been divided into 3 sessions – Day 1 afternoon, Day 2 morning and Day 2 afternoon, allowing you to select the presentations which most interest you.

Registration fees can be found here.

Step 1: Programme preview

Review the CEE Research Forum live stream programme to see which presentations are available in each session.

Step 2: Registration

Select “Register for live streaming”, choose your sessions and fill in your personal and company details.

*Be sure to check the System requirements to ensure that you are technically able to view the livestream!

Step 3: Payment

Upon completion of your registration, you will be directed to a secure webpage for your credit card payment.

*Please note, only credit card payments are accepted for this livestream event.

Step 4: Confirmation and Livestream Login

Once your payment has been processed you will receive a confirmation email, which will provide you with:

  • your livestream username
  • a livestream password for each session you have registered for

Please make sure to login with the right username and password to access the right session.

Step 5: The Livestream Platform

If you have bought all the sessions, and you log in, you will see the event overview page, which will feature all session presentations that you have registered for. Note that you can only see the livestream session that is currently active. If you have bought a single session you will access the streaming player directly after login.

To view a presentation from the overview page, simply select the watch tab under the presentation title and the livestream player will open a new window for viewing.

Once the presentation ends, close the livestream window to be taken back to the overview page. You can then select the next presentation you wish to see.

Live stream player at a glance (please note that most of the functionalities in the player will not be active during the livestream except for the information button that shows additional presentation information)
PDF (1.96 Mb)

If you have any further question, please consult our Live stream FAQs


Session 1 (14.00 - 18.00)
Monday, 26 March - Forum day one
12.00 - 14.00 Forum registration
12.00 - 14.00 Welcome coffee
14.00 - 14.05 Opening
Dieter Korczak, ESOMAR President
14.05 - 14.20 Introduction to programme, session and opening keynote
Marta Hoffmann (Committee Chair)
14.20 - 14.50 Opening keynote speaker
Insight Business
As I like..

Kornel Muller, CMI Director Global, Unilever Haircare, UK
14.50 - 14.55 Q&A
Global Zoom-in: Research in and From Central & Eastern Europe
14.55 - 15.15 The Global Family Today
Nickelodeon kids and family GPS

Carlos Garcia, Nickelodeon, USA
Marcin Lipnicki, Viacom International Media Networks, Poland
15.15 - 15.30 Research Capabilities in Selected Countries in CEE
Marcin Rzepka, PMR, Poland
15.30 - 16.00 Panel discussion
From the Global Stage to the CEE Reality
An interactive debate exploring the research status of the region and future developments

Marta Hoffmann, CEO, TNS Hoffmann, Hungary

Marcin Rzepka, Head of Research Services, PMR, Poland
Robert Pinter, Client Service Director, Ipsos, Hungary, Russia and Czech Republic
Global Zoom-in - The session continues
16.30 - 16.35 Introduction by session chair
Tatiana Barakshina, Bazis Intelligence Group, Russia
16.35 - 17.00 Emerging Middle Class in Russia
Metamorphose of brand perception

Marina Simakova, O+K, Russia
Ioannis Kavounis, The Futures Company, UK
17.00 - 17.25 From Terabytes to Archetypes
The psychology of internet security

Simon Patterson, QRi Consulting, UK
Alexander Erofeev, Kaspersky Lab, Russia
17.25 - 17.30 Q&A
17.30 - 18.00 Guest speaker
How Cool Brands Stay Hot in CEE
Joeri Van den Bergh, author "How Cool Brands Stay Hot. Branding to Generation Y" (bestselling book on youth marketing together with MTV's global VP Mattias Behrer, translated in Russian, Polish & Czech) and Managing Partner, InSites Consulting, Belgium
Session 2 (09.00 - 12.45)
Tuesday, 27 March - Forum day two
The Business Imperative
09.00 - 09.10 Introduction by session chair
Malgorzata Blachowska, Nestlé Polska, Poland
09.10 - 09.35 What Markets to Enter when Informing a Global Market Strategy?
Jeffrey Hunter, Independent Consultant, USA
09.35 - 10.00 Insight into Poverty
How to approach consumers in crisis

Katarzyna Gawlik, TNS, Poland
Beata Gers, British American Tobacco, Poland
10.00 - 10.25 A Fresh Round of Drinks
Innovating beyond beer in Eastern Europe

Jonathan Gable, BrainJuicer, Germany
Yvan Goupil, SAB Miller, Switzerland
10.25 - 10.30 Q&A
11.00 - 11.05 Industry Transition
11.00 - 11.05 Introduction by session chair
Annelies Verhaeghe, InSites Consulting, Belgium
11.05 - 11.30 Guest speaker
Co-creation in Central Eastern Europe
Jaroslav Cír, Founder, CEO and Crowdmaster, Perfect Crowd, Czech Republic
11.30 - 11.55 Guest speaker
Multi-platform Internet Measurement - The Indispensable Ignition
Latest trends in online research employed by the regional innovator. A glance at the internet industry in CEE, most rapidly developing region in Europe.

Marta Klepka, International Marketing Director, Gemius, Poland
11.55 - 12.00 Q&A
12.00 - 12.45 FISHBOWL Online Research in CEE Region

The central eastern European region is embracing the new innovations with two different speeds: on the one hand the region we are adopting the new technologies. On the other hand, there is still a need for traditional methods.

This session aims to discuss:

  • How do we see the adoptions of new research techniques?
  • Which techniques will grow in the future?
  • What are triggers & barriers to adopt the techniques?
  • How can we transform traditional research and make it more connected?
  • What are the limitations of both online and social media research in this region?
Session 3 (14.00 - 15.45)
Tuesday, 27 March - Forum day two
Industry Transition (Fast track)
14.00 - 14.05 Introduction by session chair
Dominika Maison, Dom Badawczy Maison (Maison Research House), Poland
14.05 - 14.20 Global Research Transition
The future of insight development in the CEE region

Corrine Sandler, Fresh Intelligence, Canada
Jenna Alexandre, Fresh Intelligence, Canada
14.20 - 14.35 Why Customers Are Loyal
A new approach towards customer satisfaction methodology

Dobromir CiaÅ›, Millward Brown, Poland
Katarzyna Polok, ING Bank Slaski, Poland
Tomasz Opalski, ING Bank Slaski, Poland
14.35 - 14.50 Next Please - Online Game for Bank Tellers
Educate your business partner’s sales force through research-driven online game

Jan Lajka, STEM/MARK, Czech Republic
14.50 - 15.00 Discussion

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A broadband Internet connection (256Kbps or more) is required.

Microsoft® Windows®

  • Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003
  • Internet Explorer® 7.0 or later, Firefox® 3.6 or later or Google Chrome™
  • Windows Media® Player 9.0 or later
  • Microsoft Silverlight® 4.0


  • Mac OS® X 10.4.8 or later
  • Safari® 2.0.4 or later or Firefox 3.6 or later
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4.0


  • iPad or iPad2
  • iOS 4.3 or later
  • Mobile Safari™

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  • Blackberry devices currently do not support ESOMAR livestreaming


  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, openSUSE 11.0 or later, Ubuntu 8.04, or Fedora Core 9
  • Firefox 2.0 or 3.0 depending on Linux operating system
  • Moonlight™ 1.0
  • Microsoft Media Pack for Moonlight©

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