Opening keynote speaker Sherry Turkle

Sherry Turkle

MIT Initiative on Technology and the Self

Keynote speaker José Ignacio Wert

José Ignacio Wert

Minister of Education, Culture and Sport of the Kingdom of Spain

Keynote speaker Adam Gyorgy

Adam Gyorgy


Closing keynote speaker Adrian Wooldridge

Adrian Wooldridge

The Economist


Congress 2012
Accelerating excellence
Atlanta / 9-12 September

Join us in Atlanta for Congress 2012!

With all the other research conferences to choose from, why should you attend the ESOMAR Congress?

We all know that best practice makes for better business. The ESOMAR Congress allows you to hear directly from top companies themselves on how to achieve local and global success.

From presentations to papers, international thought leaders will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of research from a client perspective. Hear from Coca Cola, Mastercard, Diageo, Allstate Insurance, Heineken International, CBS News, Haymarket Worldwide, Phillips International, HSBC, Stonyfield, Meredith Corp, Nickelodeon/MTV Networks and more...

With 75 leading international speakers, more than 70 countries and exclusive panels tackling the subjects that are defining what our industry is and who the key players will be in the future, the ESOMAR Congress 2012 will be a research event like no other!

If you are a client, research agency, media, brand or marketing specialist – Congress 2012 will provide you with the fundamentals for future business success and invaluable networking and knowledge exchanges with the leading innovators, early adopters and business decision makers from around the world.

Join us in Atlanta as we celebrate our 65th anniversary and host our first Congress in the United States.

Why attend?

  • Learn from practical case studies from regional/international experts
  • Explore the latest evolution of tools and techniques
  • Participate in interactive sessions, panel discussions and fast tracks
  • Network with industry experts, business leaders, iconic brands and innovative agencies

Who will be there?

Senior Marketing and Market Research Professionals, Senior Consultants, Brand and Advertising Managers, Software Specialists, Academics, Data/Market Analysts, Non-Profits, End-clients (FMCG, Food & Beverage, Telecom, Financial Services, Electronics, Technology, E-Commerce and more...)
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