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Update: award resultsread

Best Presentation Award:
Finding New Stories in Old Data
Enlisting of narrative psychotherapy to help researchers and clients find alternative stories in the data

Oana Popa Rengle, MAPPERS, Romania

ESOMAR Qualitative Excellence – Peter Cooper Award + Nominee for the ESOMAR Excellence Award for the Best Paper:
Look Who's Talking?!
Exploring the impact Twitter has had on language and culture

Cecily Long, Flamingo, UK
Sara Picazo, Twitter, UK

For thousands of years, stories have been the most powerful way for people to understand and communicate. The strongest stories have well-developed themes, engaging plots, memorable characters, well-chosen settings, and are told in a captivating and attractive style.

With Global Qualitative 2016, we shine a spotlight on skilled storytellers with captivating personalities, eventful tales and unforgettable endings!

From exploring the latest tools uncovering consumers' aspirations and motivations, to drafting the research plan to narrating the insight story at the boardroom table, this year’s 20th anniversary qualitative conference will captivate and inspire you with actionable learnings and plenty of networking.

Why attend?
  • This year we're in Berlin! Now that's what we call a vibrant city...
  • It's our 20th birthday edition! You know we'll have something special planned
  • Where else can you join 200+ qualies from 40+ countries?
  • 20+ hours of networking – giving you plenty of time for a currywurst and a beer
  • It's packed with 21% clients, 20+ presentations, free pre-event workshop, panel debates and discussions
Top content

From understanding the backstory, to bestsellers on a small budget, we're putting the spotlight on skilled storytellers this year. As ever, all ESOMAR Global Qualitative presentations are peer-reviewed and presented by world-class speakers giving you a unique and engaging experience.


  • Domestic Dudes
  • Look Who's Talking?!
  • Fell In Love At First Sight Or Started As A Friend?

Where better to celebrate our 20th edition than in a city known for its culture, arts, history and innovation - with trends emerging 24/7! Connect, engage, learn and interact at one of the industry's biggest qualitative events in the world.

Get connected, swap details and build up your contact list at the qualitative event of the year!

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