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What is the Research Rally?

Start-ups have emerged in the global economy as a new engine for change. These young entrepreneurs run lean and mean against the clock with the motto of fail fast and fail often. These iterations allow early stage companies to constantly increase the value of their products or services.

It demystified what research actually does and means... It’s the thought that goes into those questions which I think is valuable for any business owner, but especially for new businesses to learn and to see in how insights are actually used.

Christopher Read, CEO, LookFar

What if market researchers could think like a start-up, or what if start-ups could think like a market researcher? Welcome to the Research Rally.

Why do we do this?

ESOMAR organizes the Research Rally to combine the skills of market researchers and solve an urgent challenge for start-ups. The event aims to showcase the many research techniques allowing start-ups to fail ‘less’ often or reduce the many iteration cycles and accelerate.

The Research Rally is a win-win model for the data, research and insights (DRI) community to engage with start-ups and for start-ups to develop cutting-edge tools from DRI experts. Even the teams that don’t claim the prize will walk away with some killer do-it-yourself techniques to improve performance.

In September 2016 in New Orleans, ESOMAR launched its first Research Rally by pairing market researchers with actual start-ups that utilised industry knowledge & techniques to help improve business models, product or services. In 2017 the rally returns, this time to London & Paris.

London / 31 March 2017

Lightspeed Research
6th floor, 4 Millbank
United Kingdom

Paris / June 2017


Amsterdam / September 2017


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