Local activities

ESOMAR works with a network of global Representatives to further our mission to promote the value and use of opinion and marketing research. Our Representatives work tirelessly at a local level to increase awareness of the importance of our industry and to share information and knowledge. ESOMAR hosts almost 70 local activities each year which allow our members and the research community at large to share new methodologies and techniques, while fostering contacts and strengthening networking opportunities.

We have the following types of local activities:

ESOMAR “Best Of” series Learn more

ESOMAR “Best Of” series

The ESOMAR “Best Of” series brings together local talent as well as speakers from ESOMAR global events in an engaging setting to provide exposure to international ideas, innovation and to network with others in the local industry. The meetings are open to anyone active in market, opinion and social research industry.

ESOMAR MeetUps Learn more

ESOMAR Meetups

ESOMAR MeetUps allow members and guests to come together and get updates on new developments in their region over drinks or a lunch or in an interactive program, such as a debate.

ESOMAR Client Connect series Learn more

Client Connect Series

The ESOMAR Client Connect Series provides research clients with an exclusive peer-level exchange of ideas and insights. These invite-only sessions allow clients to explore new ways to connect with each other to, increase engagement and discover more about consumers and how to do more with less!

External events Learn more

External events

ESOMAR not only arranges conferences and local events, but also participates in various meetings, programmes, exhibitions and more throughout the world. If you would like to connect with ESOMAR and see where we will be in the coming year, please visit this section for further information.

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ESOMAR Best of

ESOMAR 'Best of' - USA 2016 - Detroit

Detroit / 9 June
ESOMAR is happy to announce the next US get-together will be held at the Gongos offices in Auburn Hills, MI, hosted by Melanie Courtright and Jackie Lorch, ESOMAR US representatives.

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ESOMAR Best of

ESOMAR 'Best of' - Canada 2016

Toronto / 10 June
ESOMAR is delighted to invite you to the Best of ESOMAR – Canada held at the St James Cathedral in Toronto, and hosted by Corrine Sandler ESOMAR representative for Canada.

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ESOMAR Best of

ESOMAR 'Best of' - UK 2016

Storytelling & Communication

London / 15 June
ESOMAR is happy to announce the next event in London will take place on 15 June at the Lightspeed GMI office. There will be a short programme of 3 presentations.

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