Best Of - USA 2011 - San Francisco

Digital Frontiers

San Francisco / 24 October



Social media has created a new digital frontier for research and has revolutionized communication patterns and emotional behaviours. Exploring innovative ways of connecting with consumers has become an imperative for researchers and the expanding digital landscape has allowed us to discover even more about consumer needs and wants.

Join ESOMAR in San Francisco to explore the digital space and its implications for research and the future. This evening will provide you with 3 sneak preview presentations from the upcoming ESOMAR 3D Digital Dimensions conference in Miami.



Monday, 24 october

17.30 – 17.40 Opening
Helen Parker, External Relations Manager, ESOMAR
17.40 – 18.00 Welcome
Beth Uyenco, Microsoft, USA (ESOMAR Representative USA)
Susan Griffin, BrainJuicer, USA (ESOMAR Representative USA)

  3 Sneak Previews – 3D Digital Dimensions Conference
18.00 – 18.20 Gamification, Co-researchers and Infotainment in Online Research Communities
Tom De Ruyck, InSites Consulting, Belgium

The authors believe that research results have more impact when turned into an experience in which company researchers and their marketers are entertained with insights or when they literally can “play” with the results (infotainment). Experience has shown that participants deliver richer insights if taking part in research feels like playing a game (gamification) and that participants not only have a role in data generation, but also in data interpretation and conclusion writing - i.e. using participants as “co-researchers”. This interactive presentation is broken down in 2 parts, volume one to be introduced during the Conference Day 1 and volume two to be featured on Day 2.

18.20 – 18.40 The Researchification of Games
Adopting a game designer's approach to market research
Peter Harrison, BrainJuicer, UK

Games have always been an essential element of human experience. Throughout history they have provided a safe environment for people to experiment and fail, teaching vital life lessons to children and adults alike. When playing games people develop a sense of flow and engagement and are motivated to complete challenges to the best of their abilities. They create energy and strong collaboration. All of these are qualities that we seek from our research – to learn, to experiment, to engage, to solve challenges, to create energy, to promote collaboration. By drawing inspiration from game designers, we can also create research that produces these effects and in return gain more powerful and rewarding insights.

18.40 – 19.00 Digital Matrimony: Marriages that are Transforming the Face of Research
Do you, the internet, take social media and mobile, to converge into one platform?
Kristin Luck, Decipher, USA

No one even had to say “I do” in this marriage, except an increasingly savvy and fast-paced consumer that’s looking to be met on his or her own terms. In order to keep up with respondents, the market research industry must begin to marry online strategies with integrated mobile and social media outreach. A single digital platform must be considered in order to effectively reach respondents and garner rich, useable data. This presentation will give an overview of emerging mobile and social networking survey methods, while also showing how content is driving adoption of new mobile and social networking services. It will also cover case studies that detail how marketers are implementing convergent research strategies & discuss how these strategies are impacting research methods today and into the future.

19.00 - 19.10 Q & A
  Keynote Guest Speaker
19.10 – 19.30 If Panel Consistency is the New Representivity then How Do We Measure It?
Steve Gittelman, MktgInc, USA

While we struggle to determine what our online samples represent, we have accepted a consistent sample frame as a substitute. In this presentation the author will present three methods of measuring consistency in an online sample frame. The objective is to know if the changes we detect in our data are real or if they are due to changes in the underlying sample frame.

19.30 – 19.35 Q & A
19.35 – 19.40 Closing
19.40 – 20.30 Networking drinks



Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck

President, Decipher, UK

Kristin has diverse background that includes a strong technical knowledge of online research systems & new product development, combined with traditional research experience. She continues to be a tireless innovator & has been an instrumental force in significant advancements in market research methods. Kristin is a regular speaker at industry conferences & a columnist for Research Business Report where she explores emerging research methods. She’s a 2010 recipient of the American Marketing Association’s 4 Under 40 Award, is a 2010 Stevie Awards finalist, & was included the Portland Business Journal’s 2011 Forty Under 40.


Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison

Creative Director, Brainjuicer, UK

Peter is an experienced researcher and amateur gamer. In 2009 he took up a post in BrainJuicer Labs where he has been developing cutting edge new tools such as DigiViduals (twice short-listed for ESOMAR Congress 2010). He is especially passionate about incorporating principles of behavioural economics into new research methods and, happily for him, gaming provides one way of doing this.


Steve Gittelman

Steven Gittelman

President, Mktg, USA

Steve H. Gittelman, Ph.D., has been the president of Mktg; Inc. since 1979. He received his doctorate with a specialty in optimization theory in 1976 from the University of Connecticut and has a background in statistics and sampling theory. He is an expert in online panel quality.

Steve has pioneered new non-probabilistic models to establish metrics to better ground online research. He considers consistency of online data through time to be one of the great challenges in the industry today. He finds the move from a probabilistic to a non-probabilistic underpinning as perhaps one of the most exciting developments in recent years. The creation of “practical best practices” is his rallying call.


Tom De Ruyck

Senior R&D Manager, InSites Consulting, Belgium

Tom De Ruyck

Tom is Community Research Expert at InSites Consulting and responsible for InSites’ community activities in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. He is part of the R&D department, a team of 5 researchers who try on a daily basis to make market research more insightful for customers and more fun to participate in for respondents. Tom is invited frequently as a speaker at (inter)national congresses on market research. Recently, he won ESOMAR’s “Fernanda Monti Award” (Best Congress Paper 2009) as well as the American Marketing Association’s “4 under 40 – Emerging Leader of the Industry” award.