Learning from those who “do” is the best way to truly understand the practical side of research. Throughout the year ESOMAR runs an extensive calendar of workshops aimed at aiding in the development of practical research skills.

All workshops are taught by a workshop leader with extensive knowledge in his or her field and will provide you with an opportunity to train with some of the industry’s leading specialist in the areas.

Additional to the workshops, every summer ESOMAR runs The Summer Academy. Consisting of 3 days of workshops and a 1 day seminar focusing on specific themes and aiming to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of specific methods and techniques.

Communicating Insights
An interactive workshop to help you create materials with impact
Dubai / 04 March 2013

In combination with ESOMAR Best of - MENAP 2013
Unfortunately this workshop is full. Please contact us to be placed on a waiting list.

Are you delivering the impact you need with the delivery of your research? If you are struggling to create clear, punchy, and enjoyable communications from lots of data, then this workshop is for you.

The true value of research lies in how much impact it has. But researchers are commonly criticised for delivering dull and unfocused materials that do not enable clients to drive change. In a world where everyone expects communication to be intuitive, attractive and entertaining, research has not moved forward. This is no longer tenable in tough economic times.

Run by a communications specialist, not a researcher, this workshop will give you guidance on how to turn dull into dynamic! Using the principles of good communication, it will teach you how to focus on a story, how to integrate your story and how to bring it to life.

    • Learn how to create a clear and compelling story from a mass of data.
    • Learn how to focus on that story and how to use data to support it, not complicate it.
    • Learn about how to create one single motivating message for different audiences.
    • Learn about different media and what can be appropriate, when.
    • Find out how to get help from communication professionals and manage them to add real value to your materials.

Focusing on the content and design of your communications, rather than presentation skills or the process of research itself, this workshop will help you to deliver projects that engage people and drive change.



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