Learning from those who “do” is the best way to truly understand the practical side of research. Throughout the year ESOMAR runs an extensive calendar of workshops aimed at aiding in the development of practical research skills.

All workshops are taught by a workshop leader with extensive knowledge in his or her field and will provide you with an opportunity to train with some of the industry’s leading specialist in the areas.

Additional to the workshops, every summer ESOMAR runs The Summer Academy. Consisting of 3 days of workshops and a 1 day seminar focusing on specific themes and aiming to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of specific methods and techniques.

Playing the M&A Game
Building and Boosting Your Agency Towards a Successful Sale
Istanbul / 22 September 2013

In combination with Congress 2013

Workshop overview

If you own or run a market research company and are considering selling it, we will provide you with the know-how needed to master the value strategy and the sales strategy of a merger and acquisition transaction.

From this workshop, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to successfully manage the sale or merger of your company, by choosing the right buyers and confidently negotiating a complex contractual package;
  • Gain insight into 'The market for research agencies' – major players and typical deals;
  • Realise how to become the company that the most probable buyers will wish to buy;
  • Understand the time frame as well as the professional, financial and legal implications;
  • Understand the dominant interests of your financial advisors, investment/commercial bankers, lawyers, auditors and tax advisors;
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the acquisition process: Information memorandum, Letter of intent, Valuation, Due diligence, Contracts, Earn-out;
  • Understand the art of negotiation – the winners and the losers



This workshop is only available to owners and top management of market research companies who are considering selling their company.



  • Rethinking and adjusting your business – focusing on key value drivers
  • Boosting the value for the end game
  • Writing ‘The Book’
  • Designing the deal
  • Framing a letter of intent


  • The right price package:
    • Valuation models
    • Due diligence
    • Key contract topics
  • The art of negotiation


Some of the feedback received from past participants:

"Excellent, great experience, insightful real world examples."

"Extremely useful presentation."

“I attended this workshop in September 2005 and I followed a number of suggestions made / advices given. We were acquired in June 2007. The advice given in your workshop was very helpful to us, and we were commended by a number of people (Buyer / Lawyers / Accountants) on the quality of thought in our preparations.”

Workshop leader


Early Bird rate (until 21 June 2013)
1 Workshop EUR 665 EUR 855
2 Workshops EUR 950 EUR 1330
Standard rate (22 June 2013 - 30 August 2013)
1 Workshop EUR 760 EUR 950
2 Workshops EUR 1140 EUR 1520
Late rate (31 August 2013 - 19 September 2013; includes on-site registration)
Online registration open until 19 September 2013,
11:00 GMT. On-site registration is possible.
1 Workshop EUR 760 EUR 950
2 Workshops EUR 1140 EUR 1520

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend, a substitute may attend in your place. Please note, however, that the status of the replacement delegate (member/non-member) may affect the original fee charged. Cancellations must be received by ESOMAR in writing or you will be considered a No Show (no refund given). All refund claims must be received within 5 working days after the event has been held. The cancellation charges will apply irrespective of whether the registration fees have been paid or not.

The following charges will apply:

Until 21 June 2013 No charge.
Full refund given
After 21 June 2013 Cancellation charge:
EUR 200

Cancellation fee can only be waived upon receipt of visa refusal document.

ESOMAR reserves the right to alter or cancel, without prior notice, any of the arrangements relating directly or indirectly to a workshop, for any circumstances beyond ESOMAR’s reasonable control. ESOMAR will nor accept liability for any losses and/or damages participants may suffer on account of alteration or cancellation. Participants are advised to arrange adequate travel and health insurance.