New Market Research Methods for Understanding Customer Attitudes & Behaviours
Speedy insights into customer needs, behaviours and attitudes

Workshop overview

In market research, we often say, “How do you want your market research? Fast, cheap or good… pick any two.” Due to changing client needs, new methods and current technologies, that old dogma no longer applies. Market research needs to be fast, great and cost-effective (“cheap” sounds low-quality, and that is not what we are talking about here).

In this session, Kathryn Korostoff will introduce new methods that can deliver market insights fast—while controlling costs. You will learn about single question polls, social media research, prediction markets and more. You will also have the opportunity to use some of these tools in real-time. Be ready for a fast, action-packed workshop.

Market research methods are evolving so, not surprisingly, any market researcher interested in a long term career path should consider expanding their skill set in order to remain competitive. This session will be a great opportunity for both agency and client-side researchers to develop new skills.

In this session you will learn from examples and case studies about using social media monitoring tools, prediction markets, single-question polls, and more:

  • How to create social media monitoring reports
  • How to create and launch a single question poll using Facebook or LinkedIn
  • How to create and launch an idea management site
  • How to apply market research best practices when speed is a priority
  • …and so much more


Intermediate / advanced

Workshop leader