ESOMAR 'Best of' - Germany 2017

It's time once again to bring some key highlights from the international ESOMAR conference stages to Germany, for our yearly 'Best of' event. Join us in Berlin on the 5th of October for an afternoon of food for thought and inspiration.

This year, we are uniting our speakers under a common motto: Trust in research.

Our profession has increasingly come under scrutiny, by the public, but also from within. Part of the criticism is that the industry is moving too slow to accommodate societal shifts, part of it is that it is moving too fast, incorporating new practices without sufficient regard for privacy and ethics. So, where do we stand and what is the best way forward? Come and find out!


14.00: Registration & Networking

15:00: Welcome and ESOMAR News
Dirk Frank and Christoph Welter (ESOMAR Representatives for Germany)

15:20: Clipboards, Calls and Focus Groupies (Congress 2016)
Melanie Courtright, Executive Vice President of Global Products and Client Services at Research Now, presents the findings of a large scale quantitative survey conducted in the US, UK and Germany, on the public perception of Market Research. In this context, she explores what motivates research participants and how our industry might improve its value and impact.

15:40 Connecting with Consumers: A new way of plugging in (Congress 2016)
Nikki Lavoie, Director at MindSpark Research, takes up the thread by looking at the power of empathy in motivating research participants. She suggests that not only are participants willing to give their time when they feel a meaningful connection to research, but that empathising (without paying them) can actually lead to higher completion rates, clearer insight and better ROI.

16:00: Quick Coffee Break

16:10: Dreams and Expectations for a data-driven world
The world is embracing the power of data, research and insights, but its dreams come with strings attached. Kim Smouter-Umans, Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards at ESOMAR, explores how expectations are shifting across the world for our community, and what steps are becoming increasingly important to take to maintain our reputation as a respectable and respected profession - and why we should even care.

16:30: YES! Introducing Young Esomar Society

16:40: E is for...Engagement (YES Winner 2016)
Emma Kirk, Business Development Manager at Join The Dots, looks at how the industry can catch up with modern communication. It is not just how we ask questions that can improve participant engagement, but the mediums we use to answer them also need considering. So how is it that 6 billion emojis are used every day by brands and consumers, but the research industry is so slow in adopting them?

17:00: Panel Discussion
We unite all of our speakers on stage – here we will put you, the audience, in the driver’s seat. Audience members can join us onstage, ask their burning questions on the topic of trust in research and we will dig into them together.

17:20: Networking, Drinks and Snacks


Please note that this event is open for registered guests only.


Date: Thursday, October 5
Venue: Mindspace
Friedrichstraße 68
10117 Berlin

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: