On Tuesday, 28 November and Wednesday 29 November, the programme starts at 09:00 sharp and ends around 17:30.
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Tech-Solutions Training Session 1 (sponsored)

FREE of charge for all those registering to the event

15:00 - 16:00
15:00 16:00

Tech-Solutions Training Session 2 (sponsored)

FREE of charge for all those registering to the event

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Tech-Solutions Training Session 3 (sponsored)

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17:45 - 19:00
17:45 19:00

Let’s CLlCK! (Clients Learning & Inspiring Clients with Knowledge)

A meet-up for research buyers (only) to network and share best practice in an informal private setting

19:00 - 20:00
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Digital Expo Lounge & Welcome reception


Opening & Welcome


Introduction to the programme & sessions

Big Data - Bigger Picture[firestarter]

The Agony and Ecstasy of Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

From research agency to tech company

Market researchers can't (always) have nice things because they don't think like technology companies.

Kyle Findlay, Kantar, South Africa

Big Data - Bigger Reponsibility[social impact]

A Balance of Intelligence

Machine and human for a better workplace

Making sense of it all, Machines, Humans, Data and Work.

Yuval Dvir, Google, UK

Big Data Big Impact!

How data collection and updated technology can lead to great social impact.

Mauricio Moura, Ideia Big Data, Brazil


Sponsor fast track

Networking break

The Big Data Lab[innovative methodologies]

“Who is Who” with Behavioural Data

Metering data edge over survey data

Exploring an algorithm to separate browsing streams without asking users to identify themselves, thus preserving the passive nature of the data.

Carlos Ochoa, Netquest, Spain
Carlos Bort, Netquest, Spain

The Marketing Impact Score

How impact score is generating more money for Delta Air Lines

This presentation answers a key client question: what is the right Marketing Metric?

Fiona Blades, MESH Experience, UK

Evaluation of Using VR for Car Clinics

Results of a research on research to compare VR vs. a full product car clinic

Mockups are dead? VR is here. Implications for product and design research.

John Kiser, Ipsos, USA
Norith Panh, Ipsos, USA

Big Data, Bigger Transformation

An interactive debate with the speakers of this block


Big Data - Big Applications[business case studies]

Digital Forensics

The Dulux lifelab case study

Combining digital forensics with traditional research to develop deep insights into target audiences.

Andy Davidson, Flamingo, UK
Fiona Hall, AkzoNobel, UK

Accelerating B2B Sales with Big Data

Exploring AI advance predictions by Universal Avenue

How Universal Avenue increased earnings for their B2B sales team by creating advanced predictions based on internal and external data streams.

Jonatan Hedin, Universal Avenue, Sweden
Stephen Kirk, Universal Avenue, Sweden

Uncovering Affinities and Brand Equity by Simply Listening

An interest based segmentation study

Exploring the creation of data-driven buyer personas (based on segmentation of Cardinal Health followers) combining psychographic and demographic data to know who speaks about them.

Marcello Sasso, Aimpoint Research, Italy
Christina Rife, Cardinal Health, USA
Tim Burke, Affinio, Canada

Seller Centric

Optimizing eBay seller experience

Imagine a single project, combining big data & ad hoc research to reveal a customer landscape, inform retention, growth strategies and drive product development.

Deborah Sleep, Engage Research, UK
Mark Loder, eBay, UK

Big Data, Big Business Challenges, Bigger Opportunities

An interactive debate with the speakers of this block

Networking break

Big Data - Big Privacy


Data Confidential

How to link surveys with internal data while maintaining privacy

Borrowing techniques from record linkage and using the latest algorithms from machine learning to link survey data with internal data, whilst still maintaining the individual anonymity.

Diane Berry, Bain & Company, UK
Josef Rieder, Bain & Company, Germany

Panel discussion

Networking drinks


Mobile Fueling Big Data[innovative approaches]

Local Shopping Discovery in the Age of Mobile

Evolution of local shopping through digital and mobile

Shopping Discovery at the local level - local businesses learn from their customers and other businesses around them to grow their business in the age of mobile.

Greta Baisch, Facebook, UK
Albrecht Küfner, FactWorks, Germany

Introducing The Appfluencers

How passive behavioural data helped us to identify the next big thing

They're affluent, they're influential, they're the earliest adopters of mobile apps and they're integral to understanding the next big thing; meet the Appfluencers.

Mark Jefford, YouGov, UK


Networking break

Smart Data Integration[tools & techniques]

Blink of an Eye

Combining multiple big data sources, challenges and solutions!

Increasing the profitability of projects by 21% by reducing the time to make sense of data by 42%.

Preriit Souda, Kantar TNS, UK

The Alchemy of Customer Segmentation

Merging data sets but methodologies as well!

Exploring how adapting multiple methodologies along with triangulation actually solve the puzzle of segmentation and impacts the big business drivers.

Apala Sabde, SurveyMonkey, USA

Interactive Mini-Workshop[hands-on]

SUPERCRUNCH Data Design Thinking

From under-leveraged data towards data-based solutions

Tackle the most common challenge when developing data-driven solutions: How to define a tangible use case? The Supercrunchers will walk you through based on a real-life case.

Norbert Wirth, SUPERCRUNCH, Germany
David Kaufmann, SUPERCRUNCH, Germany


Big Data Automation[skills set]

The Wave of Automation

Surfing lessons from a researcher

Uncovering Automation surf or dive: 5 surfing lessons from a researcher.

Dmitry Gaiduk, CoolTool, USA


Programmatic Advertising & Audience Segmentation

Addressable TV Advertising

The role of Big Data

How can we move TV advertising forward with big data? Applying learnings from digital display to advance programmatic TV advertising.

Edward Malthouse, Northwestern University, USA
Judy Franks, Northwestern University, USA
Ewa Maslowska, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Programmatic TV Meets New Technology-Driven TV Behaviour Data

The future of the television begins and ends with measurement. This session will go through the challenges and opportunities with programmatic TV and the new data sources that fuel the programmatic opportunity.

Daniel Tjondronegoro, Beatgrid Media, Netherlands

Data-Driven Discussion

An interactive debate with the speakers of this block

Networking break

Big Data - Big Future[debate]

The Changing Society and the Future of Advertising

Predicting the future in a datadiction era

Learning from masters of sociological thought, we understand the future of advertising already today. Say Goodbye to target audiences and media and Google. Say Hello to smart machines, liquid self-concepts and technological armed consumers!

 Dirk Engel, Frankfurt Academy of Marketing Communications, Germany

Guest speaker

Closing & Awards

Programme summary


Farewell drinks

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