MeetUp France 2017

ESOMAR and the ESOMAR Representatives in France invite you to the ESOMAR Summer event - held Friday, 23 June in Paris.

The event is from 08:30-14:30 at Aux jardins du pont Neuf. Join us for a number of insightful presentations from the world of data, research and insights.

Thanks to our sponsors SSI, Lightspeed, Respondi, Askia and Avenir Focus for making this event possible.

Please RSVP to register and confirm your attendance.



08.30 - Welcome coffee with our sponsors

9:00 - New from ESOMAR
Marie-Agnès Mourot of Lathyle - Chief Finance and Operations Officer ESOMAR
Stefanie Van der Klei - Team Leader ESOMAR Member services team
Kim Smouter-Umans - ESOMAR Head of Public Affairs and Professional Standards

9:45 - Place Yourself at the Heart of Fan Emotions
Using multiple data sources to understand the fan experience during the Euros 2016
Darren Hanson - Director, Strategic Consumer Insights & Segmentation - ORANGE
Léa Turquier - Director of Digital & Innovation - IPSOS

10:30 - Break with our sponsors

11:00 - In vino veritas: How to Get the Best from Open-Ended Questioning
Une expérimentation pour tester l’efficacité de différents modes de collectes (saisie ordinateur, audio et vidéo) pour améliorer la qualité et la quantité des contenus des questions ouvertes.
Elisabeth Martine-Cosnefroy Founder and President - ADEQUATION MR

11:45 - Action and Representation: Match and Mismatch
Crossing behavioral data and declarative data: From case studies, we will show how to identify typical and how to cross them with survey results.
Orkan Dolay- COO - RESPONDI
François Erner - CIO - RESPONDI

12:30-14:30 - Buffet lunch and drinks with our sponsors


Date: 23 June from 08:30-14:30
Venue: Aux jardins du pont Neuf,
Quai de l’Horloge,
75001 Paris

ESOMAR is dedicated to creating a welcoming, respectful, safe experience and environment for everyone: